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Pitcher Nick Adenhart threw six shutout innings for the Angels last night in his Major League debut. He was later killed in a hit-and-run accident. We have more on that and Republican efforts to recall one of their own legislators. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, scientists of human behavior who helped Obama get to the White house are now helping him "nudge" Americans to make "better" choices. Is it psychological trickery or a subtle new form of leadership in a complex and confusing world?

Reporter's Notebook Obama Debuts as First President to Host White House Seder

President Obama has hosted the nation's first White House seder tonight. The ritual Passover dinner was led by Michelle Obama's cousin, Capers Funnye, who is a Rabbi and the head of a mostly black synagogue on Chicago's South Side. Brad Greenberg is a reporter for the Jewish Journal and is the creator of its God Blog.

Brad Greenberg, Reporter, Jewish Journal

Main Topic Behavioral Science and Political Change 26 MIN, 47 SEC

The Obama Administration is using behavioral science "to try to transform the country."  That's according to Michael Grunwald in Time magazine.  He says it all began during the presidential campaign with a "dream team" of 29 economists and psychologists who are now advising the White House.  We talk with Grunwald, one of those advisors and others about how the process works.  Does it preserve or limit the opportunity to choose? Is it psychological trickery that smacks of Big Brother or a subtle new form of leadership in a complex and confusing world?

Michael Grunwald, Politico magazine (@MikeGrunwald)
Richard Thaler, Professor or Behavioral Science and Economics, University of Chicago
Ronald Bailey, Science Correspondent, Reason magazine
Noam Scheiber, New York Times (@noamscheiber)


Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein

Making News Angels Starting Pitcher Killed in Car Crash 7 MIN, 21 SEC

Last night, Nick Adenhart threw six shut-out innings for the Angeles of Anaheim. At age 24, he was making his fourth Major League start. Hours later, Adenhart died after a three-vehicle hit-and-run crash. Ramona Shelburne is sports columnist for the Daily News.

Ramona Shelburne, ESPN Los Angeles (@ramonashelburne)

Main Topic California GOP Eat Their Own as Party's Base Crumbles 17 MIN, 2 SEC

"On behalf of the taxpayers of the 59th District, let the games begin."  That's what former Republican Party chair Mike Schroeder claims he said to Assemblyman Anthony Adams when he served Adams with recall papers yesterday, just prior to a fundraiser for Adams featuring Governor Schwarzenegger. Adams earned the wrath of party leaders as one of  three Republicans who caused the Governor's budget to pass.

Jon Fleischman, Breitbart California (@FlashReport)
Tony Quinn, Republican political consultant

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