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Today the minimum wage in California went from $8 to $9 - the first increase in 5 years. That’s a buck more in the pockets of everyone from custodians to restaurant workers. But add it all up and it could be significant to the state economy. And it’s not pocket change to the businesses writing those paychecks. Should LA follow progressive bastions like San Francisco and Seattle in pushing an even higher wage? Or would that break the bank?

Also tonight, brain mapping: unlocking the secret of the human mind.

Six Members of the Sheriff's Department Convicted 5 MIN, 55 SEC

A jury today found six current and former members of the LA Sheriff’s Department guilty of obstruction of justice and other charges. It’s a result of an ongoing federal investigation of LA jails. Prosecutors made the case that these deputies, sergeants and lieutenants took part in an alleged scheme to stymie a federal grand jury investigation into civil rights abuses and corruption. Celeste Fremon has been covering the case, she’s a journalist who specializes in criminal justice and she writes the Witness LA Blog.

Celeste Fremon, WitnessLA.com (@witnessla)

The Minimum Wage Just Rose - Did You Feel It? 16 MIN, 21 SEC

Today, Californians who work minimum wage jobs earned a dollar more. That’s because a law passed last year in Sacramento just took effect. The amount goes up another dollar by 2016. The result is a slightly higher base pay all across the state, but it’s also reminder that fast food workers in Bakersfield make the same starting pay as those in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, cities like San Francisco and Seattle have gone further than state or federal minimum wage levels and passed their own policies. Can you live off $9/hour in LA? We'll take a look at the issue of minimum wage at the city and state level.

Rafael Sanchez, Bell High School (@RalphtheThird)
Peter Dreier, Occidental College (@PeterDreier)
Stuart Waldman, Valley Industry and Commerce Association (@VICASFValley)

California Maps the Brain to Unlock Its Secrets 6 MIN, 4 SEC

The human brain has more than 150 million neurons, so scientist Ralph Greenspan knows that 2 million dollars might not get him all that far in his quest to map all of those neural connections… but it’s a start. Greenspan is the director of UC San Diego’s Center for Brain Activity Mapping and associate director of its Kavil Institute for Brain and Mind. He’s one of the brains behind Cal-BRAIN, the new California Blueprint for Research to Advance Innovations in Neuroscience. It’s funded by the state budget the Governor just signed last week and is part of a national effort to decode the brain in the same way as the human genome project decodes our genetic makeup.

Ralph J. Greenspan, Center for Brain Activity Mapping, UC San Diego (@kibm_ucsd)


Barbara Bogaev

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