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Governor Schwarzenegger calls massive cuts in education, health care and prisons part of a “transformation” of what California can provide. We look at today's “day of reckoning” speech to the Legislature. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Sunday's assassination of late-term abortionist George Tiller will have an uncertain impact on the right-to-life movement. We hear about the continuing investigation of the killing in Wichita, Kansas as well as Tiller's role as a doctor and as a symbol.

Banner image: A firefighter douses the last remaining embers of a home that burned to the ground in the Jesusita fire, in Santa Barbara, California on May 7, 2009. Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Main Topic The Murder of Abortion Doctor George Tiller 27 MIN, 5 SEC

Scott Roeder is the lone suspect in Sunday's killing of Dr. George Tiller, the late-term abortionist gunned down in a Wichita, Kansas church on Sunday.  The impact of his impact on the right-to-life movement is still unclear, but previous violence has drastically reduced the availability of operations to terminate pregnancies. We hear about the continuing investigation into Tiller's murder and talk with advocates on both sides about his role as a doctor and as a symbol.

Nicholas Riccardi, Reporter, Los Angeles Times
Cynthia Gorney, Professor of Journalism, University of California at Berkeley
Patrick Mahoney, Director, Christian Defense Coalition
Nancy Northup, Center for Reproductive Rights

Articles of Faith

Cynthia Gorney

Main Topic California's Death by a Thousand Cuts 18 MIN, 51 SEC

In a speech to the Legislature today, Governor Schwarzenegger blamed the recession, an outdated tax system and angry voters for what he called a financial crisis that must be solved in the next two weeks. Proposing changes to his May budget revision, he called for massive cuts in education, healthcare and prisons. Repeating the familiar line that the state can't print money like Washington can, he called the crisis "an opportunity to make government more efficient and find innovative ways to stretch taxpayer dollars." While Assembly Speaker Karen Bass acknowledged that there is some agreement on cuts, she voiced concern about eliminating the safety net.

Anthony York, Grizzly Bear Project (@anthonyyork49)
Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee (@WaltersBee)

The Third House

Dan Walters

Reporter's Notebook Laura Ling and Euna Lee Go on Trial in North Korea 6 MIN, 45 SEC

Two American journalists go on trial Thursday in North Korea, where they’re charged with illegal entry and “hostile acts.” Euna Lee and Laura Ling work for Current TV, a San Francisco-based Internet outlet started by Al Gore. Since they were detained in March, the two have met with the Swedish ambassador, who handles affairs for the US, which does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea. They also have spoken by phone with relatives back home, including Lisa Ling, Laura’s sister, and herself a reporter.

Lisa Ling, Special Correspondent, CNN


Warren Olney

Christian Bordal
Sonya Geis

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