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The June 5 election will be like nothing California has seen before, with some office holders hiding their party affiliation — and even their incumbency. Republicans have given up some legislative and Congressional races altogether, and the general election will feature run-offs between candidates of the same party. A lawyer deemed "unqualified" by the County Bar has challenged a highly regarded judge with a foreign-sounding name. It's all pretty weird. Also, the beginning of the end for plastic bags in Los Angeles, and the LA Kings' chances of winning the Stanley Cup. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, democracy in the Land of the Pharaohs.

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Making News LA Approves Plastic Bag Ban 6 MIN, 1 SEC

By a vote of 13 to one, with Bernard Parks dissenting, the Los Angeles City Council has voted to phase in a ban on plastic bags in retail checkout lines. Rick Orlov covers City Hall for the Daily News.

Rick Orlov, Los Angeles Daily News (@Rickorlov)

Main Topic California's 'Jungle Primary' 19 MIN, 55 SEC

California's June primaries aren't really primaries any more. The top two vote-getters for any office will go on to the November general election regardless of party. That, combined with the redrawing of district boundaries for the legislature and Congress, have changed the nature of state politics.

Thomas Elias, syndicated columnist and author
Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica)

Reporter's Notebook For First Time since Gretzky Era, Kings Back in Stanley Cup 4 MIN, 44 SEC

The Los Angeles Kings were eighth this year in their division of the National Hockey League. But after defeating the Phoenix Coyotes in overtime last night in Arizona, they've now won the division championship and are in the finals for the Stanley Cup. Daryl Evans played for the Kings, the Washington Capitols, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He's now the Kings' radio commentator on KTLK AM 1150 and for the Kings Radio Network.

Daryl Evans, Kings Radio Network

Main Topic Egyptians Vote in Historic Election 24 MIN, 55 SEC

167x120 image for tp120523egyptians_vote_in_hiFor the first time in Egyptian history, voters are choosing a national leader, even though a constitution that spells out the powers of the office has yet to be enacted. We look at the candidates and the role of religion, the military -- and the prospects for real democracy.

Jehan Reda, American University in Cairo
David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times (@ddknyt)
Thanassis Cambanis, Century Foundation (@tcambanis)
Daniel Kurtzer, Princeton University
Shadi Hamid, Brookings Institution (@shadihamid)

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