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California has lost hundreds of millions of dollars by submitting applications that failed for President Obama's Race to the Top school aid. Now LA Unified has a chance to try again — on its own, without a reluctant Governor Brown. We hear what's at stake and look at the history of Race to the Top. Also, what's next for the Schuller Ministries, and the winners of the California Academic Decathlon. On our rebroadcast of To the Point, Republicans, Democrats and Voter ID.

Banner image: Granada Hills Charter High School's Academic Decathlon Team, including Sean Wejebe (3rd from right with medals) and coach Spencer Wolf (far left)

Making News LAUSD Celebrates Academic Decathlon Wins as Program Cuts Loom 8 MIN, 9 SEC

Granada Hills Charter High has brought an Academic Decathlon Championship to the LAUSD for the second year in a row. Returning to LA from yesterday's victor in Sacramento is one of three coaches, Spencer Wolf, and senior Sean Wejebe, who was the highest scoring student in yesterday's competition.

Spencer Wolf, Granada Hills Charter High School
Sean Wejebe, Granada Hills Charter High School

Main Topic Can Education Reformers Bypass UTLA and Governor Brown? 12 MIN, 12 SEC

President Obama's Education Secretary Arne Duncan has encouraged states to compete for education reform money under the program called Race to the Top. California's applications have failed every time, most recently because Governor Brown refused to commit to using $49 million federal dollars in ways opposed by the California Teachers' Association. Now, Duncan has warmed to a proposal by big city mayors — Bloomberg of New York, Emanuel of Chicago and LA's Antonio Villaraigosa. Individual districts, including LA Unified, might be able to apply on their own.

Yolie Flores Aguilar, Communities for Teaching Excellence (@itsyolie)
John Fensterwald, EdSource Today (@jfenster)

Reporter's Notebook Schuller Church Leaves Crystal Cathedral, Lands in Movie Theater 5 MIN, 38 SEC

The Rev. Robert Schuller's massive, spectacular Crystal Cathedral began in a drive-in theater. Now the Cathedral has been sold to the Catholic Archdiocese of Orange County. Schuller's retired and his daughter, Sheila Schuller Coleman preached to about 200 people yesterday in Theater 15 at the AMC in the Outlets of Orange County shopping center. She called it a birth day with a bigger crowd than her father had 57 years ago. Ben Hubbard is Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion at California State University, Fullerton.

Ben J. Hubbard, California State University, Fullerton

Main Topic The War over Voter ID Heats Up 26 MIN, 43 SEC

The War over Voter ID Heats UpIn 16 states, Republican-dominated legislatures have tightened access to the polls.  Pennsylvania has become the ninth to require Photo ID's. But the Obama Justice Department says these and other restrictions could deprive large numbers of citizens of their right to vote. We hear a heated debate: Are such restrictions designed to combat voter fraud or keep some Democrats away from the polls?

Lawrence Norden, New York University Law School (@BrennanCenter)
Hans von Spakovsky, Heritage Foundation (@HvonSpakovsky)
Jon Husted, State of Ohio (@OhioSOSHusted)
Jonathan Chait, New York magazine (@jonathanchait)
Hilary Swank, 2S Films


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