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In 1993, the LA Kings lost in the finals for the Stanley Cup. Since then, they haven't come close. But this year they've wiped out the first-and second-place finishers in their division, losing only one game. Will continued success help raise the profile of a sport associated with real winter? Is ice hockey already coming of age in sunny Southern California, even for girls? Also, the biggest political fundraiser in US history — in Studio City? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama and same-sex marriage.

Banner image: (R) Dwight King #74 of the Los Angeles Kings celebrates his second period goal with teammates (C) Trevor Lewis #22 and (L) Jarret Stoll #28 against the St. Louis Blues in Game Three of the Western Conference Semifinals during the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at Staples Center on May 3, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Making News Obama Fundraiser Expected to Raise a Record $12 Million 6 MIN, 39 SEC

President Barack Obama's first campaign event since his declaration on same-sex marriage is tonight at actor George Clooney's home in Studio City. With a combination of high-rolling Hollywood figures and an online sweepstakes, it could be the biggest political fundraiser in US history. That's according to Tina Daunt, contributing editor for politics at the Hollywood Reporter.

Tina Daunt, Hollywood Reporter

Main Topic Can the Kings Make LA an Ice Hockey Town? 22 MIN, 32 SEC

LA's reputation for ice hockey is lousy. After all, this is not a place where kids learn to skate on frozen ponds, lakes or rivers frozen over by winter. And the Los Angeles Kings haven't had a respectable season since 1993, in the Wayne Gretzky era. Now that may be changing. The Kings are having a great season. But there's also a lot more hockey being played around here than most people realize, and it's not all about professionals and kids.

Daryl Evans, Kings Radio Network
Michele Sartell, parent of a hockey player
Steve Hymon, Puckalolos

Main Topic Barack Obama and Gay Marriage 22 MIN, 1 SEC

On Tuesday, voters in North Carolina said "no" to legalizing same-sex marriage.  On Sunday, Vice President Biden said he was "completely comfortable" with same-sex marriage.

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The White House said President Obama's views were still "evolving." Last night on ABC News, Barack Obama said, "Yes."

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The American people are divided almost evenly, and Mitt Romney is solidly on the other side.  Why did the President choose this moment?  What will it mean for his re-election campaign?

Steve Kornacki, Salon.com (@SteveKornacki)
Christopher Barron, GOProud / Guardian (@ChrisRBarron)
Richard Socarides, attorney and Democratic political strategist (@socarides)
Janice Shaw Crouse, Concerned Women for America (@CWforA)

Gay Marriage

Jonathan Rauch

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