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When he ran for LA City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich promised he'd serve two terms.  He said, if he ran for District Attorney, he'd take out a full-page ad in the LA Times saying, "I'm a Liar."  Well, there's been no such ad, but Trutanich is running for DA, even though he hasn't finished his first term as City Attorney.  Name-recognition, his campaign war-chest and list of endorsements make him the front-runner. But the current DA, Steve Cooley, is supporting somebody else. Also, the MTA makes a final decision: the Purple Line subway will run under Beverly Hills High School. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, masters of persuasion and the presidential campaign.

Banner image: LA City Attorney Carmen Trutanich (C) and Deputy District Attorneys Jackie Lacey (L) and Alan Jackson (R), face off on the June 5 ballot in the race for Los Angeles District Attorney

Making News Metro Board Moves Ahead with Purple Line under Beverly Hills HS 8 MIN, 33 SEC

On a vote of seven to two, LA County transportation officials decided today that the Subway to the Sea will require a tunnel 70 feet below the Beverly Hills High School. The MTA board made the decision despite the pleas of city officials and parents. The Beverly Hills PTA even produced a video opposing the action.



A satirical musical video in favor of the MTA route was produced by a group called LA on the Move, although nobody knows who that is.


Neal Broverman, editor of CurbedLA.org, picks up the story.

Neal Broverman, Curbed LA (@nbroverman)

Main Topic Trutanich, the Candidate Who Promised Not to Run 18 MIN, 13 SEC

In next month's election, Carmen Trutanich is considered the front-runner among six candidates for LA County District Attorney — even though he promised to serve two terms as City Attorney. He hasn't even finished his first. Incumbent DA Steve Cooley supported Trutanich for that office, but has opposed to Trutanich replacing him when he steps down. (Since his mother was hospitalized early this week, Trutanich is not accepting requests for media interviews.) We get an update on the campaign.

Jack Leonard, Los Angeles Times (@jackfleonard)
John Shallman, Shallman Communications
Mariel Garza, Los Angeles Times (@marielgarzaLAT)

Main Topic Obama, Romney and Presidential Messaging 23 MIN, 17 SEC

With five months to go until the presidential election, tens of millions of dollars are already being spent on campaign advertising. The Obama campaign got into trouble with some of the President's own supporters this week with a TV commercial featuring laid-off workers at a company sold by Bain Capital when Mitt Romney was in charge. When prominent Democrats attacked the Obama attack ad, the Romney campaign struck back. Are you listening? What are the risks of turning you off instead of turning you on?




Gary Langer, Langer Research Associates and ABC News (@garylanger)
Peter Fenn, Fenn Communications / George Washington University (@peterhfenn)
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, Professor of communications at the University of Pennsylvania (@AnnenbergPenn)
Jay Cost, Weekly Standard (@jaycosttws)

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Jay Cost

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