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With unemployment above 14%, San Bernardino County got $3.8 million to create jobs. But the County has spent so little, it might have to give $2.6 million back. What's happening to the rest of the $42 billion the state's gotten so far? Also, Randy Adams became police chief of Bell even after declaring himself “disabled.” And, in the closest race for Governor in 20 years, will LA make the difference? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama made his second major speech to the UN General Assembly today. We hear different opinions about what he said about US engagement with the rest of the world and what he left out.  

Banner image: Governor Schwarzenegger greets construction workers after announcing groundbreaking of the largest highway project in the nation using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds known to date, May 8, 2009

Making News Bell's Former Police Chief Found Lucrative Loophole 7 MIN, 36 SEC

Randy Adams was hired as Police Chief for the City of Bell after he declared himself disabled, which means unable to perform his duties. But Bell’s former city manager Robert Rizzo hired him anyway, and Adams could get millions in tax-free pension income when he retires. Paul Pringle is reporting that story for the Los Angeles Times.

Paul Pringle, Los Angeles Times (@paul_pringle)

Main Topic California's Share of Federal Stimulus Money 12 MIN, 10 SEC

California’s received about $42 billion in federal stimulus money, roughly half of what is expected. Governor Schwarzenegger has hired former LA City Controller Laura Chick, to keep track of how it’s being spent. Her latest report involves $3.5 million for creating jobs in San Bernardino County, where unemployment’s at 14%. Chick is looking for specific cases of waste, fraud and abuse. The nonprofit news service ProPublica is trying to keep track of how much is going where nationally and what it’s supposed to be for.

Laura Chick, Office of the Los Angeles City Controller (formerly) (@Laura_Chick)
Jennifer LaFleur, Director of Computer-Assisted Reporting, ProPublica

Reporter's Notebook Could Jerry Brown Get the 'Fishhook'? 5 MIN, 47 SEC

The latest Field Poll shows Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown tied at 41% in the closest race for Governor since 1990. To win statewide in a state where Democrats have a 13-point lead in registration, Republican’s need “the Fishhook,” and Whitman just might have it, according to Dan Walters, syndicated columnist for the Sacramento Bee.

Dan Walters, Sacramento Bee (@WaltersBee)

Main Topic President Obama Goes Back to the UN 26 MIN, 44 SEC

In his second annual address to the UN General Assembly today, President Obama emphasized peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. He acknowledged widespread pessimism about the process but said, if the “teachings of tolerance” of three great religions were observed, there could be a positive outcome.

Evelyn Leopold, Contributor, Huffington Post
David Rothkopf, FP Group (@djrothkopf)
Richard Grenell, media observer and former diplomat (@richardgrenell)


David Rothkopf

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