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There's more trouble at LA County's Department of Children and Family Services, and the State Auditor says the County is violating the law by withholding documents concerning the deaths of children while they're under the Department's supervision. Yesterday, the third director in nine months resigned. We update that story. Also, the population of undocumented workers has declined in Los Angeles and in Orange County. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the grim aftermath of the Debt Deal.

Making News Fewer Illegal Immigrants in LA County

After years of increases, the population of undocumented workers in Los Angeles County declined between 2001 and 2008, the last year for which there are records. The drop was about 8000 all told. That's according to the Public Policy Institute of California in a report co-written by Laura Hill.

Laura Hill, Public Policy Institute of California

Main Topic More Upheaval at LA's Department of Children and Family Services

There's more trouble for Los Angeles County over the deaths of children from abuse and neglect, while they're under supervision by the Department of Children and Family Services. For the third time in nine months, a director of has resigned, as the County is defying a state subpoena for departmental records.

Garrett Therolf, UC Berkeley and Common Sense News (@gtherolf)
Margarita Fernandez, California State Auditor

Reporter's Notebook Starting Over from Scratch with Emergency Communication System

Ever since September 11, 2001, when New York's first responders could not reach each other, LA County and its many cities have been working on a plan for police, firefighters and hospital personnel to share a communications system. Now the Regional Interoperable Communications System oversight board has decided to scrap a proposed contract with Raytheon and start all over again. That means deadlines might not be met for $283 million in federal money, a big portion of a total cost estimated at $700 million. Sheriff Lee Baca is a member of the oversight board.

Lee Baca, Sheriff of Los Angeles County

Main Topic The Grim Aftermath of the Debt Deal

After the Debt Deal, What Now?Shortly after the Senate past the deficit-reduction bill, President Obama signed it, and the US has met tonight's debt-ceiling deadline. But the President said it was all the result of a "manufactured crisis." The US will be able to pay its bills, but what's the impact of the hard-won deficit-reduction agreement on jobs, the economy and America's credit rating?

Photo: Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) addresses the press after the Senate passed the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Jamie Dupree, Cox Media (@jamiedupree)
David Wessel, Brookings Institution (@davidmwessel)
David Rothkopf, FP Group (@djrothkopf)
John Feehery, Feehery Group (@JohnFeehery)
Winslow Wheeler, Center for Defense Information

The Pentagon Labyrinth

Winslow Wheeler, editor

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