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Years after Californians legalized medical marijuana, the LA City Council finally got around to writing an ordinance.  Hundreds of dispensaries melted away, but 169 applied to operate under new regulations. Yesterday, the city approved just 41, and operators who claim they did everything right are outraged. Also, what does the LAPD mean by "predictive policing?" On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, with American combat in Iraq now over, soldiers are coming home in unprecedented numbers. We look at what can happen after the happy returns.

Banner image: Lev Goukassian, owner of the Nirvana Pharmacy, a medical marijuana shop in Los Angeles, California, works on his products on March 24, 2010. Photo: Gabriel Bouys/AFP/Getty Images

Main Topic The Pot Crackdown: From 400 to 41 14 MIN, 24 SEC

During years when the City Council was otherwise occupied, hundreds of medical marijuana dispensaries sprung up all over Los Angeles. When the Council finally passed a restrictive ordinance, 169 applied to stay in business. Yesterday, the City Clerk announced that just 41 will be eligible. We hear from the president of a local medical marijuana collective and from the city attorney who helped draft the ordinance and is defending it in court.

Yamileth Bolanos, President, Greater Los Angeles Collectives Alliance
Jane Usher, Special Assistant City Attorney, City of Los Angeles

Reporter's Notebook Predictive Policing: Next Frontier of High-Tech Crime Fighting? 11 MIN, 4 SEC

Powerful computers tell WalMart that when the weather turns bad, customers want strawberry pop tarts -- not just any pop tarts, but strawberry. When a tropical depression occurs on the ocean, WalMart has strawberry pop tarts on store shelves before the storm hits the Florida coast. The LA Police Department thinks that kind of computer-generated predictive analysis can be applied to law enforcement.

Sean Malinowski, Lead Officer, LAPD's Crime Analysis Unit
Craig Uchida, President, Justice and Security Strategies

Main Topic Coming Home from the Iraq War 26 MIN, 44 SEC

From the deep South to the Midwest to California and Washington State, military bases and surrounding towns are bulging these days with the last combat soldiers coming home from Iraq.  "The returns are moments of celebration and relief, but tension and peril can lie ahead." That’s according to a report co-authored by James Dao in the New York Times.

James Dao, New York Times
Charles Engel, Director, Deployment Health Clinical Center
Willy Berry, Veteran, US Army Reserves
John Schluep, Founder, Warriors Journey Home Ministry
Thomas Childers, Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

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