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The Los Angeles City Budget is being cut, squeezed and trimmed by the Mayor and the City Council.  Are they taking the opportunity to reduce the power of two agencies created by voters to increase citizen participation and make sure elected officials observe campaign limits and regulations?  Also, what caused the Jesusita Fire near Santa Barabara? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama is just one supporter of gay rights who draws the line at same-sex marriage. We talk about a movement that's been picking up speed, and efforts to speed it up as well as slow it down

Main Topic The Fast Track to Same-Sex Marriage 25 MIN, 54 SEC

Last week the Washington, DC City Council voted 12-to-1 to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. The lone “no” vote came from a former civil rights leader who was called a “bigot” by a gay council colleague. A group of African-American ministers stormed the hallway outside, and police were called in to restore order.

Same-Sex Marriage Legislation/Court Decisions:

Vermont Legislature (TtP on)
Massachusetts Supreme Court (TtP on)
Connecticut Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court
Maine Legislature
California Supreme Court
Passage of California's Prop 8, court appeals to (Which Way, L.A.? on)

Andrew Koppelman, Northwestern University (@NorthwesternLaw)
Derek McCoy, Minister, Hope Christian Church
Mignon Moore, Professor of Sociology, University of California at Los Angeles
Rick Jacobs, Courage Campaign (@rickjacobs)
Maggie Gallagher, President, National Organization for Marriage

Same Sex, Different States

Andrew Koppelman

Making News Brush Clearing Possible Cause of Jesusita Fire 6 MIN, 4 SEC

They're mopping up now in Santa Barbara County: 13 square miles of the Jesusita Fire are now 70% contained thanks to fog and diminishing winds over the weekend.  Authorities are asking the public for help in identifying who was clearing brush with power tools on private land.  Dennis Bozanich is Acting Public Information Officer for Santa Barbara County.

Dennis Bozanich, Acting Public Information Officer, County of Santa Barbara

Main Topic City to Cut Watchdog Programs to Save Layoffs 19 MIN, 18 SEC

The LA City Council's trying to close a $530 million shortfall in a $7 billion budget, and major cuts are expected. The big stuff includes possible layoffs, a reduction in hiring new police officers and closing parks and libraries. But some relatively “little” things, including cuts to the Ethics Commission, are raising political questions. Created by a vote of the people, it's being slashed by almost 18% percent compared to an average of less than 10% across the board. Another proposal that has raised a firestorm of protests would cut the budget of neighborhood councils from $50,000 to as low as $11,200.

Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica)
Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times (@LATimesWillon)
Raphael Sonenshein, California State University, Los Angeles (@SonensheinPBI)
Rick Orlov, Los Angeles Daily News (@Rickorlov)

The City at Stake

Raphael Sonenshein


Warren Olney

Frances Anderton
Sonya Geis

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