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Barack Obama said he'd restore the economy in a bipartisan way, but debate over his stimulus package sounds all too familiar. We hear about his visit to Capitol Hill today with the prospects for consensus not looking good. Also, with layoffs on the increase, California's unemployment insurance fund is about to run out of money. And the Ports of LA and Long Beach are short of money needed for truckers to clean up the air.

Main Topic Can Bipartisanship Survive the Stimulus Bill? 26 MIN, 27 SEC

President Obama went to Capitol Hill today to persuade Republicans to support his stimulus bill.  Before he even got there, House GOP leaders told members to vote “no.”  After his first meeting, Obama reiterated that “we cannot afford delay, calling extraordinary times that call for “swift and extraordinary action.”

Peter Baker, New York Times (@peterbakernyt)
Ron Utt, Senior Research Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Making News California Unemployment Fund out of Money 13 MIN, 57 SEC

Unemployment in Los Angeles County has doubled to 9.9% in the past year. It’s almost that high statewide. But the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund is about to run out of money. In 2001, benefits were expanded, but not the tax base that pays for them. Among those who predicted a crisis were the Legislative Analyst and the California Budget Project, where Jean Ross is Executive Director. We hear from Ross and from Jerry Nickelsburg, senior economist with the UCLA Anderson Forecast.

Jean Ross, California Budget Project
Jerry Nickelsburg, UCLA Anderson Forecast

Main Topic Clean-Truck Incentive Money Up in Smoke? 7 MIN, 18 SEC

Today’s Los Angeles Times says officials at the Ports of LA and Long Beach are worried that their reputations are on the line. They promised $20,000 for every truck that exceeded their new clean air standards. But instead of the 1000 or so predicted, 7500 have showed up, and the Ports don’t have enough money.  David Freeman is President of the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Commission.

David Freeman, Deputy Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Reporter's Notebook Griffith Park Designated a Historic Cultural Monument 4 MIN, 28 SEC

The Los Angeles City Council today unanimously designated Griffith Park a historic-cultural monument, meaning any change will be scrutinized by the Cultural Heritage Commission. But the LA Zoo, the Autry Museum, the Roosevelt Golf Course and Toyon Canyon are exempt from that new protection, which led skeptics to say there’s a back door to potential development. Mike Buhler is Director of Advocacy for the Los Angeles Conservancy.

Michael Buhler, Director of Advocacy, Los Angeles Conservancy

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