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Tomorrow's special election for one of LA's fifteen City Council districts has drawn big money, but it may not draw many voters. With LA facing monumental financial problems, we hear from both candidates.  Also, can the Archbishop of Canterbury prevent LA's Episcopal church from confirming a lesbian bishop?  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, 15,000 delegates, 5,000 reporters and 98 world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen to talk about climate change as the basic science faces a new challenge.  We hear about those stolen e-mails.   

Banner image: City Council candidates Christine Essel and Paul Krekorian

Main Topic Copenhagen, Climate Change and Stolen E-Mails 27 MIN, 20 SEC

As the Copenhagen conference got under way today, the UN panel on climate change promised to investigate claims that scientists at the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit manipulated data to support the theory that global warming is man-made.

Bjørn Lomborg, Copenhagen Consensus Center (@bjornlomborg)
Dan Lashof, Natural Resources Defense Council (@Dlashof)
John Christy, Director, University of Alabama in Huntsville's Earth System Science Center
Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy magazine (@ForeignPolicy)
Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Cool It

Bjorn Lomborg

Main Topic The Race for LA's 2nd District Council Seat 19 MIN, 59 SEC

Los Angeles' Second City Council District is huge, running from Studio City north to Sunland-Tujunga and from North Hollywood west to Van Nuys. After Wendy Gruel stepped down when she was elected City Controller, a special primary election was survived by Democrat Assemblyman Paul Krekorian and former Paramount Pictures executive Christine Essel, both of whom had to move into the district to run for the Council seat.  The runoff will be held tomorrow.  We hear from both candidates, as well as from Rick Orlov, who covers City Hall for the Daily News.

Rick Orlov, Los Angeles Daily News (@Rickorlov)
Paul Krekorian, Los Angeles City Council (@PaulKrekorian)
Christine Essel, Candidate, Los Angeles City Council

Reporter's Notebook LA Episcopalians Shake Up Church with Election of Lesbian Bishop 6 MIN, 21 SEC

The Archbishop of Canterbury had stern words today for the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, which has elected a lesbian bishop, the Rev. Mary Glasspool. The local church acted this weekend in Riverside, but Glasspool must be confirmed by a national body of church leaders. Archbishop Rowan Williams warned today, “that decision will have very important implications. Duke Helfand covers religion for the Los Angeles Times.

Duke Helfand, Los Angeles Times

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