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A new, 76,000-seat stadium might provide for not one but two professional football teams near the Staples Center and LA Live. If the stadium becomes a reality, developer AEG will have built and managed them all. But what about traffic congestion, pollution, low-cost housing and public health? Just two more chances are left to ask for concessions. Also, we talk with cancer survivor Bill Rosendahl, who's returned to the LA City Council with the message, "Never Give Up."  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, issues in the Chicago school strike sound a lot like the LAUSD.  Will they impact the presidential campaign?

Banner image: AEG-Gensler rendering of Farmers Field

Main Topic Closing In on Approval of a Football Stadium in Downtown LA

For years, the powerful developer AEG has been working to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles with a 76,000-seat stadium downtown. It appears that the wait is all over except for two more meetings by the Planning Commission this week and the City Council two weeks from now. LA Times columnist Jim Newton says, "If there are concessions left to get, now's the time to get them…"

Jim Newton, Blueprint (@newton_jim)
Jan Perry, Los Angeles City Council (@JanPerry)
Becky Dennison, Los Angeles Community Action Network

Reporter's Notebook Bill Rosendahl Back in the Saddle 7 MIN, 3 SEC

Sixty-seven year old Bill Rosendahl had plans to run for a third term on the LA City Council next March. But two months ago, a tumor was found on his ureter, the tube connecting his kidney and bladder. Yesterday, after 13 radiation treatments and two bouts with chemotherapy, he was back in the Council chambers — 45 pounds lighter and using a walker.

Bill Rosendahl, Los Angeles City Council (@Bill_Rosendahl)

Main Topic Chicago Teachers' Strike 23 MIN, 26 SEC

The Chicago school strike is a struggle between education reformers and unionized teachers. Now in its third day, the issues will look familiar in other cities, including Los Angeles. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has taken the side of school reformers against a teachers' union he accuses of being resistant to change.  We look at the national implications and the possible consequences for the November election.

Diane Ravitch, New York University (@DianeRavitch)
Tim Knowles, University of Chicago (@UchicagoUEI)
Juan Jose Gonzalez, Stand for Children Illinois
Rick Perlstein, author and historian (@rickperlstein)

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