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The Mayor of Los Angeles is now president of the US Conference of Mayors and, despite supporting Hillary Clinton four years ago, he's President Obama's choice to chair this summer's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Today, he's in Washington trying to drum up support for a transportation bill with national implications. We ask Mayor Villaraigosa if he has time to tend to the affairs of the city. Also, students are on march for education in Sacramento. On our rebroadcast of To the Point, President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and possible war with Iran.

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Main Topic What Has Antonio Villaraigosa Done for Los Angeles Lately? 23 MIN, 35 SEC

The Mayor of Los Angeles has less than a year and a half until he's "termed out" of office. Antonio Villaraigosa's first term was marred by personal troubles and rejection of his education proposals, but he easily won re-election. Critics say his attention is now focused not so much on LA as it is on Washington, now that he's President of the US Conference of Mayors and Chair of the upcoming Democratic National Convention.  He's in Washington today, pushing for transportation bills in the House and the Senate, which include his plan called, "America Fast Forward."

Antonio Villaraigosa, former Los Angeles mayor running for governor (@antonio4ca)
David Abel, Verde XChange
Jim Newton, Blueprint (@newton_jim)

Reporter's Notebook Students March for Education in Sacramento 5 MIN, 58 SEC

In the past five years, tuition has nearly doubled for higher education in California and course offerings have been cut back. Yesterday in Sacramento, thousands of student protesters swarmed the state Capitol and dozens were arrested for refusing to leave the building in the evening. Chucho Mendoza is a senior at Cal State Fresno and organizer for Communities for a New California. He blogged about marching in Sacramento in today's The Nation magazine online.

Chucho Mendoza, Cal State Fresno

Main Topic Obama, Netanyahu and the Threat of a Nuclear Iran 21 MIN, 18 SEC

Obama, Netanyahu and the Threat of a Nuclear IranAs President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu finished exchanging views about Iran's nuclear program, came a surprise announcement from Brussels today: Europe, China, Russia and the United States will accept Iran's invitation to renew talks that ended more than a year ago. The possibility of attacking Iran's nuclear program has been the principal topic of Netanyahu's visit to Washington. Have the prospects changed?

Julian Borger, Guardian of London (@julianborger)
Trita Parsi, National Iranian American Council (@tparsi)
William Tobey, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
Daniel Levy, European Council on Foreign Relations (@ecfr)
Gerald Steinberg, Bar Ilan University (@GeraldNGOM)

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