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Utah could become the 18th state to permit same sex marriage, and lawsuits over gay marriage are working their way through the courts in 17 other states. Guest host Barbara Bogaev explores whether 2013 will be the tipping point for same-sex marriage in America. Also, suicide bombings as Russia prepares for Olympics, and why movie sequels dominated the box office in 2013.

Banner image: Mormons Building Bridges march in Utah Pride Parade. Photo: Jay Jacobsen

Making News Suicide Bombings as Russia Prepares for Olympics 7 MIN, 32 SEC

Two deadly bombings have struck the southern Russian city of Volgograd in the past two days, leaving at least 31 people dead and as many as 70 wounded in what appear to be suicide attacks. Although Volgograd is hundreds of miles away from the site of the February Olympics in Sochi, the violence has raised concerns about terrorism at the Games. Sunday's explosion took place at the main train station. Today's blast destroyed a trolley during the morning rush hour. Will England is Moscow correspondent for the Washington Post.

Will Englund, Washington Post

Main Topic A Tipping Point for Same-Sex Marriage? 36 MIN, 36 SEC

Ten days ago a federal district court in Utah upheld the constitutional right of same-sex couples to marry, essentially calling it a "fundamental right." If the ruling stands, Utah will become the 18th state in the nation to permit such unions, twice as many as there were last summer when the Supreme Court stopped short of taking a definitive stand on the issue. Some activists see this immediate victory in the Mormon stronghold state as a turning point for gay rights. Opponents are decrying judicial activism, and Utah is planning its appeal to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, cases in 17 other states are challenging the gay marriage ban. Where do Americans stand on the issue? By this time next year will same-sex marriage be the norm in America? How are opponents of same sex marriage working to ensure it dies not?

Today's Talking Point Familiarity Breeds Success: Why Movie Sequels Ruled 2013 6 MIN, 23 SEC

Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, Fast and Furious 6… The world's top five grossing movies of 2013 were all sequels, and there are plenty more on the way. Why does Hollywood keep returning to the same stories? Will we ever get enough of them? Have we already? Kim Masters is Editor-at-Large for the Hollywood Reporter and the host of The Business here on KCRW.

Kim Masters, host, 'The Business' (@kimmasters)

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