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Governor Brown and a Los Angeles lawyer have qualified competing initiatives for the November ballot. Props 30 and 38 would raise taxes for similar goals, but one would send new money to Sacramento and the other directly to schools. We hear more about the differences between the two measures. The stakes for California children couldn't be higher. Also, from the back lots of Los Angeles a trashy film creates an international crisis. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, violence against America in the Muslim World.

Main Topic Governor Brown, Molly Munger and the Future of Public Education 20 MIN, 25 SEC

Between now and election day in November, we'll be hearing a lot about the fate of public education in California. Two ballot measures are competing to increase taxes and distribute the new revenues in different ways. There is no question that the proposals are serious or that the stakes are high. Proposition 30 was placed on the ballot by Governor Jerry Brown. Prop 38 is the creation of a wealthy Los Angeles lawyer named Molly Munger. Both have appeared before editorial boards of major newspapers, including the Sacramento Bee, where Dan Morain is a senior editor. We hear from him and advocates for each measure.

Dan Morain, Sacramento Bee (@DanielMorain)
Joshua Pechthalt, California Federation of Teachers (@CFTUnion)
Sharon Scott Dow, Advancement Project

Reporter's Notebook 'Innocence of Muslims' and the Murky World of Low-Budget Films 9 MIN, 51 SEC

All of Los Angeles knows that not every film made here is a major feature production. Every so often a group of amateurs make it big with a low-budget project. But there's no precedent for the LA-made film which has helped create an international crisis, including the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya. The original casting call for The Innocence of Muslims had the title "Desert Warrior." As reposted by Gawker, it asked for Israeli men, Middle Eastern women, and lead characters called Condalisa, Hillary and George. It also asked applicants to say whether or not they were members of SAG, the Screen Actors Guild.

Ted Johnson, Variety (@tedstew)
Adrian Fulle, Poya Pictures (@adrian_fulle)

Main Topic Anti-American Violence, Policy Challenges in the Presidential Race 19 MIN, 20 SEC

Tuesday, US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was killed by an armed mob in Libya.  Today, protests continue at US outposts elsewhere in the Muslim world. The US embassy in Sana'a, the capital of Yemen, is described as an armed fortress inside several zones of protection. But protesters penetrated the boundaries today and attacked the building itself. We talk with reporters, diplomats, pollsters and others about anti-Americanism, its roots and its consequences.

P.J. Crowley, George Washington University (@PJCrowley)
David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times (@ddknyt)
Nicholas Burns, Harvard Kennedy School of Government (@RNicholasBurns)
Mohamed Younis, Gallup Polls
Ronald Bruce St. John, political scientist and author


Ronald Bruce St John


Warren Olney

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