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After this weekend's party convention, Republicans are more determined than ever to prevent a vote of the people on whether taxes should be extended. We hear the Governor go on the Internet. In Los Angeles, to avoid cutting the LAPD, Mayor Villaraigosa's making an end-run on the city charter to cut back on parks and recreation instead. What about gang prevention in housing projects? Also, state lawmakers ask questions about the safety of nuclear power plants and gas pipelines. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, is there an end game for the attack on Libya?

Making News Lawmakers Push for Reviews of California's Two Nuclear Plants 6 MIN, 57 SEC

Southern California Edison and the PG&E claim that California's two nuclear plants are designed to withstand any credible earthquake or tsunami. That's what Tokyo Electric Power said about Fukushima. Today, legislators in Sacramento had some questions. Ken Bensinger reports for the Los Angeles Times.

Ken Bensinger, Los Angeles Times

Main Topic Governor Brown Takes His Budget Battle to YouTube 6 MIN, 45 SEC

Most Californians now know about Governor Brown's plan to close the $26 billion budget gap. Last week, Republicans went along with some $12 billion in budget cuts, but the second half of his program's in trouble. This weekend's Party convention hardened Republicans more than ever against his hopes of making up the other $12 billion by asking voters to approve an extension of taxes that are set to expire. Last night, Brown made a pitch on YouTube. Carla Marinucci is senior political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle.


Carla Marinucci, Politico (@cmarinucci)

Reporter's Notebook City Prepares to Cut Budget for Recreation and Parks 12 MIN, 34 SEC

The City of Los Angeles has a $49 million deficit this year alone. Next year it'll be $400 million, and Chief Administrative Officer Miguel Santana has recommended a hiring freeze for the LAPD. Mayor Villaraigosa won't go for that, but is willing to make a run around the city charter to cut parks and recreation. We hear more from Jack Foley, Emeritus Professor of Urban Recreation at Cal State Northridge, and Noreen McClendon, Executive Director of Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles.

Jack Foley, Cal State Northridge
Noreen McClendon, Concerned Citizens of South Central Los Angeles

Main Topic What's the End Game for the Attack on Libya? 25 MIN, 33 SEC

The massive attack on Libya began after the UN Security Council passed a resolution on Friday authorizing "all necessary measures" to protect Libyan civilians, short of putting western boots on the ground. American support came suddenly after weeks of apparent indecision.

Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy Magazine (@columlynch)
David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times (@ddknyt)
James Foley, GlobalPost
Philip Golub, American Universitiy of Paris (@AUPtweets)
Steve Clemons, New America Foundation / The Atlantic (@SCClemons)
Paul Salem, Middle East Institute
David Rothkopf, FP Group (@djrothkopf)

Power, Profit and Prestige

Philip S. Golub

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