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Finally freed from the politics of holding a New York Senate seat and running for president, how will Hillary Clinton's foreign policy views change now that she's on the verge of Senate confirmation as Secretary of State? Also, Barack Obama goes to Capitol Hill to sell his stimulus plan, and the Detroit Auto Show. Automakers show off new models, but will anybody buy them? Lawrence O'Donnell guest hosts. (This program was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)

Banner image: Sen. Charles Schumer (L) look towards Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton (R) as committee chairman Sen. John Kerry (C), D-MA looks on, during nomination hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Photo: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

Making News Obama on the Hill to Sell His Stimulus Plan 5 MIN, 38 SEC

President-elect Barack Obama meets with Senate Democrats today to push for high-speed approval of his huge economic stimulus proposal. Congressional Democrats are already wrangling with the Obama Administration and Republicans over the final size and shape of the package. Lori Montgomery, financial reporter for the Washington Post, is following the story.

Lori Montgomery, Washington Post (@loriamontgomery)

Main Topic Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and US Foreign Policy 34 MIN, 19 SEC

Senator Hillary Clinton appeared before her colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as Barack Obama's nominee to be Secretary of State. Why did Obama choose a former political rival to fill the most important post in his cabinet? What unique assets does she bring to Obama's foreign policy team? How will Bill Clinton and his foundation have to adjust to Hillary’s new role in world affairs? What have we learned in Clinton's confirmation hearing?  How will she influence the Obama approach to the crisis in Gaza and other problems around the world?


Suzanne Goldenberg, Guardian newspaper (@suzyji)
Steve Clemons, New America Foundation / The Atlantic (@SCClemons)
Julian Zelizer, Princeton University (@julianzelizer)
Diana West, Contributor, CNN

Madam President

Suzanne Goldenberg

Reporter's Notebook A Gloomy Auto Show in Detroit 7 MIN, 43 SEC

This week, the Detroit Auto Show celebrates the new models car makers hope will save their industry. But it's not much of a party. One observer said he's "seen more smiles at a funeral." Auto executives at the show are getting more questions about their financial woes than about their new models. James R. Healey is senior auto writer at USA Today.

James R. Healey, Senior Auto Writer, USA Today

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