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Boosters of growth in Hollywood have suffered a setback, while opponents of increased density have scored a victory. This time, it's not all about earthquake faults. A judge has ruled that the best-laid plans of city officials are "fundamentally flawed." How long will development of hotels, office buildings and apartment houses be delayed? Also, does Glendale have a foreign policy? The city's being sued over a statue that offends some Americans of Japanese ancestry and Japanese officials.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater on To the Point, advocates for increasing the federal minimum wage call it a "stimulus program" paid for, not by government, but the private sector.  Opponents warn of lost jobs and hard times for small business.  We'll hear that some cities, states — and even some big companies — are increasing wages as debate goes on in Washington.


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Ron Calderon Surrenders 5 MIN, 40 SEC

State Senator Ron Calderon turned himself in today in Los Angeles. The Montebello Democrat faces 395 years in prison on 24 counts of fraud, wire fraud, honest services fraud, bribery, conspiracy to commit money laundering, money laundering and aiding in the filing of false tax returns — all lodged against him by Federal authorities. For almost 10 years, Bob Stern was general counsel to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, which he helped create in 1974, along with then-Secretary of State Jerry Brown. Stern has said his job was "taming a system that was a free-flowing river of political money." 

Bob Stern, Center for Governmental Studies

Main Topic Development in Hollywood Is On Hold 13 MIN, 2 SEC

The neighborhood of Hollywood has been emerging from the Great Recession. For some, it's not happening fast enough but, for others, it's too fast. Now development is on hold for at least a month. That's how long the City Council has given the Planning Department to respond to a judge's order that the updated Hollywood Community Plan is so full of "errors of fact and law" that it's "fundamentally flawed."

Chris Parker, Land Use LA (@LandUseLA)
Erik Sanjurjo, Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (@HwdUnitedNC)

Parker on details of the hold by LA Planning Commission

Reporter's Notebook Discomfort Over Glendale's 'Comfort Woman' Statue 5 MIN, 29 SEC

Last July, a half-ton bronze statue was erected in Glendale's Central Park, showing a woman in traditional Korean clothing next to an empty chair. A plaque explains that she's emblematic of the 80 to 200 thousand women allegedly enslaved as "comfort women" during World War II to serve as prostitutes for Japanese soldiers. Delegations of Japanese officials have visited Central Park and asked that the statue be removed. Now Glendale's being sued by Glendale resident Michiko Shiota Gingery. Brittany Levine is covering the story for the LA Times.

Brittany Levine, Los Angeles Times (@brittanylevine)

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