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In 1888, more than 300 private acres of land on LA's Westside were donated for the use of American veterans. So why are 6000 veterans homeless in local neighborhoods while part of the land is used for commercial purposes? We hear the latest in a long-running dispute that now has the Veterans' Administration facing a lawsuit in federal court. Also, 32 hours and 15 transfers from San Francisco to Los Angeles -- on local transit. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, what's next for the US in Afghanistan?

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Making News Exhausted Jerry Brown Still Fights for a State Budget 7 MIN, 10 SEC

Governor Jerry Brown took questions today at a Multifamily Trends Conference in San Francisco. Since he vetoed a state spending plan passed by his own party that, inevitably, came up. Carla Marinucci, who was at the conference for the San Francisco Chronicle, says the Governor's exhausted but determined.

Carla Marinucci, Politico (@cmarinucci)

Main Topic Homeless Vets and the VA 12 MIN, 23 SEC

The number of homeless American veterans has dropped in the past two years, but Los Angeles still has 6000, roughly 10 percent of the nation's total, and a recent lawsuit says many ought to be housed on Veterans Administration property on the Westside of LA.  Some 387 acres were dedicated for that purpose back in 1888, but since the 1960's, much of the land's been converted for rental-car storage, a hotel laundry, the UCLA baseball team and the Brentwood School. This week, the VA issued a press release describing plans for modernization.

Martha Groves, Los Angeles Times (@MarthaGroves)
Gary Blasi, Public Counsel (@UCLA_Law)

Reporter's Notebook SF to LA via Public Transportation 6 MIN, 17 SEC

"Transit nerds devise routes using dozens of bus or train rides to travel even short distances as a matter of pride." That's according to Joe Eskenazi, with San Francisco Weekly, who could not resist what he describes as "a 32-hour, 15-transfer trek" from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Joe Eskenazi, San Francisco Weekly

Main Topic President Obama Proposes Drawdown in Afghanistan 26 MIN, 15 SEC

In last night's address to the nation, President Obama said there won't be peace in Afghanistan just because the US is withdrawing 33,000 troops by next summer. Peace will require a political settlement, including the Taliban. But, he said, the military effort has made that possible. We get the details and reaction from Washington to South Asia.


Alissa Johannsen Rubin, New York Times (@alissanyt)
Ahmed Rashid, Pakistani journalist
Michael Crowley, Politico (@MichaelCrowley)
Robert Lamb, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Antonio Villaraigosa, former Los Angeles mayor running for governor (@antonio4ca)

Descent into Chaos

Ahmed Rashid

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