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The whole state has been hit by heavy weather, with record rainfall in Southern California and record snowfall up north. We look at the aftermath -- from mud-clearance in Laguna Beach to skiing at Mammoth Mountain, which officially has the most snow in the world. Should kids be required to wear ski helmets? Also, official economizer Laura Chick is economized out of her job by incoming Governor Jerry Brown. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, federal agencies are spending tens of billions of dollars on domestic intelligence, so much it's impossible for anyone to keep track. Is it making America safe from terrorism or creating new threats to Constitutional rights?

Making News Storm Damage 6 MIN, 18 SEC

As the recent storms picked their way through Southern California, Laguna Beach got 10 inches of rain this week. Evacuation orders were lifted today, but access to some neighborhoods is still blocked by mudslides. The worst of it was downtown, where mud and water flowed into 26 businesses. Kelly Boyd is a Laguna Beach City Councilman and owner of a bar called the Marine Room.

Kelly Boyd, Laguna Beach City Councilman

Main Topic Economizer Laura Chick 'Economized Out' 6 MIN, 10 SEC

chick-schwarzenegger.jpgLaura Chick was an Los Angeles City Council Member whose next office was City Controller, where she polished her reputation as a relentless auditor. When she was termed out, Arnold Schwarzenegger asked her to make sure that $50 billion in federal stimulus money were being properly spent.  Now Governor-elect Jerry Brown says he'll abolish her job to save money.


Segment image: Governor Schwarzenegger names Laura Chick to the first-in-the-nation position of Inspector General to act as watchdog over the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds as they are dispersed in California, April 3, 2009

Laura Chick, Office of the Los Angeles City Controller (formerly) (@Laura_Chick)

Reporter's Notebook Safety on the Ski Slopes 12 MIN, 25 SEC

Most Southern Californians may be complaining about heavy weather, but it’s great news for skiers. SkiInfo.com reports that Mammoth Mountain has the most snow in the world, with 16 feet in the past 4 days. That means a lot of people will be hitting the slopes, along with their children.

Jasper Shealy, Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology
Dave Byrd, Director of Risk and Education, National Ski Areas Association

Main Topic Explosion in Domestic Intelligence Gathering 27 MIN, 9 SEC

The Department of Homeland Security is spending tens of billions of dollars on domestic intelligence and is coordinating with state and local organizations. More than 70 so-called "fusion centers" have been established across the country.

Steven Hewitt, Director, Tennessee Fusion Center
Michael German, Brennan Center for Justice (@BrennanCenter)
Brian Jenkins, RAND Corporation (@BrianMJenkins)
Loch Johnson, former Assistant, Church Commission

The Threat on the Horizon

Loch K. Johnson

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