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Would cutting taxes help business create jobs, or just make the rich richer? Should the state encourage climate change regulations, or would going green become a job killer?  We hear the pros and cons of proposals from Whitman and Brown, candidates for Governor of California. Also, the Los Angeles Dodgers are fading fast.  What does their owners’ divorce case have to do with it? We hear more about Frank McCourt. On our rebroadcast of today’s To the Point, when California’s ban on same-sex marriage was overturned, it was a victory for gay rights.  What did the women’s movement have to do with it? Why does one writer and scholar think it was too much, too soon, even though he’s married to another man?

Banner image: Pamphlets with information about unemployment are displayed at Eastbay Works Oakland One-Stop Career Center August 5, 2010 in Oakland, California. US jobless claims unexpectedly rose by 19,000 new claims for the week ending on July 31. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Main Topic Creating Jobs in California 9 MIN, 55 SEC

Two million people are out of work and the official unemployment rate is 12%. Republican Meg Whitman has issued a 48-page economic policy plan. Democrat Jerry Brown has proposed policies on green jobs and pensions. But despite their different approaches both deal with economic renewal, public spending, taxation and, most important of all, jobs. Whitman says she'll create 500,000 jobs a year in her first term. She also says she'd suspend Governor Schwarzenegger's environmental law, enacted as AB 32. But Jerry Brown says AB 32 us essential to creating jobs by promoting the green economy.

Bill Watkins, California Lutheran University
Michael Reich, Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley

Reporter's Notebook The Dodgers, the McCourts and the Money 5 MIN, 23 SEC

Fans know that the Dodgers' payroll is down, while owners Frank and Jamie McCourt borrowed $108 million from the team to help finance a lifestyle they now admit was excessive. Seven homes, seven country clubs, private jets and $150,000 a year for haircuts. Their contentious public divorce has made for licentious headlines, and now Gene Maddaus of the LA Weekly has gone back to Boston to see where it all started.

Gene Maddaus, Variety (@GeneMaddaus)

Main Topic Same-Sex Marriage, Gender and the Prop 8 Ruling 17 MIN, 19 SEC

Same-sex marriage has become a national issue since federal Judge Vaughn Walker overturned Proposition 8, in which California voters banned a practice that had only been legal for a few months. One aspect of Walker's ruling that has been overlooked is the role played by the women's movement. We hear from two journalists and a well-known scholar who's married to another man, but still says the judge's decision was too much, too soon.

Audrey Bilger, Claremont McKenna College (@AudreyBilger)
Dahlia Lithwick, Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate (@dahlialithwick)
Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution (@jon_rauch)
William May, Catholics for the Common Good (@ccgaction)
Brian Brown, National Organization for Marriage (@briansbrown)

Gay Marriage

Jonathan Rauch

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