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There are three superior judges up for re-election next week in Los Angeles County and three open seats on the bench. Most voters have no idea who's qualified and who's not. We hear how endorsements are made and where to find other information. Why should voters have to decide? Also, another story about cutbacks in public schools — and it could be worse. There's a court challenge to Governor Brown's plan to transfer money to education by shutting down redevelopment agencies. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, a national political showdown in the state of Wisconsin.

Making News Severe Cuts in College Summer School Programs 11 MIN, 33 SEC

Summer school is virtually a thing of the past at Los Angeles Valley College. That means that thousands of students will have to go back to that two-year school in September, rather than moving on to a four-year institution as they have planned. Governor Brown planned to raise money for education by shutting down redevelopment agencies, but now that's being challenged in court, with a hearing scheduled for tomorrow in Sacramento.

Susan Carleo, Los Angeles Valley College
H.D. Palmer, California State Department of Finance (@HDatFinance)

Main Topic With Six Judgeships on the Ballot, How's a Voter to Choose? 16 MIN, 7 SEC

The Los Angeles County Superior Court has about 450 judges who serve for six years. If they aren't challenged when their terms expire, they're automatically retained. This year, because the governor hasn’t acted, three seats are vacant. Three sitting judges are being challenged.

Ken Ofgang, Metropolitan News-Enterprise
Jessica Levinson, Loyola Law School (@LevinsonJessica)

Main Topic The National Showdown in Wisconsin 22 MIN, 53 SEC

167x120 image for tp120529the_national_showdowThree months after Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker took office last year there were massive protests in the state capitol. Democrats fled the state to prevent a legislative quorum for his proposals.  But Walker finally got his way with enactment of new laws to restrict almost all collective bargaining for public employees and to increase their payments for health insurance and retirement benefits. Next Tuesday, Walker faces a recall against Democrat Tom Barrett, the Mayor of Milwaukee. We size up next week's election and learn what's at stake for the presidential campaign in a crucial swing state.

Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (@wisvoter)
Lisa Graves, Center for Media and Democracy (@thelisagraves)
Luke Hilgemann, Americans for Prosperity (@AFPhq)
Gary Chaison, Clark University (@ClarkMatters)

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