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LA County’s Probation Department can’t find $79 million or locate 10% of its employees, and 31 of its officers cannot be disciplined even though they’ve committed abuse and misconduct.  Some have convictions for felony crimes. Also, we remember the late James Wood, president of the Getty Trust. On our rebroadcast of today’s To the Point, the federal budget for cancer research is $5 billion and rising, but cancer victims and taxpayers are asking, where are those promised breakthroughs?  We look at expectations and realities.

Making News Supreme Court to Hear Schwarzenegger's Appeal on Prisoner Release 4 MIN, 46 SEC

The US Supreme Court has agreed to consider Governor Schwarzenegger's request to block the court-ordered release of 40,000 inmates from overcrowded prisons.  Michael Doyle reports on the court for the McClatchy Newspapers.

Michael Doyle, McClatchy Newspapers (@MichaelDoyle10)

Main Topic LA County Government in Spectacular Disarray 13 MIN, 17 SEC

Last week, LA County Supervisors were told the Department of Probation could not find $79 million provided to improve conditions already under investigation by the Federal Department of Justice. County Executive Officer Bill Fujioka said as many as 2000 employees were not where they were supposed to be — if they were working at all.  Now, the County's Office of Independent Review says at least 18 employees have been charged with offenses including cruelty to a child, sex with a minor, prostitution and assault with a deadly weapon. Ten have been convicted, but they can't be punished by the Department.

Celeste Fremon, WitnessLA.com (@witnessla)
Zev Yaroslavsky, veteran politician (@ZevYaroslavsky)

Reporter's Notebook Remembering James Wood 6 MIN, 9 SEC

Ernest Fleischmann transformed the LA Philharmonic into a major culture institution during 30 years as director. He died today at the age of 85. (We hear more about his legacy tomorrow.) Meantime, we remember James Wood, who died suddenly last Friday at the age of 69. He took over the J. Paul Getty Trust after the troubled administration of Barry Munitz. Previously he directed the Art Institute of Chicago and the St. Louis Museum of Art. Veteran cultural journalist Lee Rosenbaum blogs as CultureGrrl at ArtsJournal.com.

Lee Rosenbaum, 'CultureGrrl' blogger (@CultureGrrl)

Main Topic Cancer and the Business of Medicine 26 MIN, 38 SEC

The annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology brings together the latest on cancer research and treatment.  Patients and their families pray for news of a breakthrough.  Businesses look for investments; entrepreneurs look for opportunities.  Last week in Chicago, some 4000 studies were presented to 30,000 top experts — but one warned there's "a growing sense that our optimism needs to be tempered a bit." We hear from him and others about how financial conflicts, personal habits and occupational hazards impact inroads against the disease.

Sharon Begley, Reuters (@sxbegle)
Leonard Lichtenfeld, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, American Cancer Society
Samuel Epstein, Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition
Josh Sommer, Co-founder and Executive Director, Chordoma Foundation


Samuel S. Epstein


Warren Olney

Katie Cooper
Darrell Satzman

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