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Since 2004, cameras have been mounted at 32 intersections in the City of LA to provide pictorial evidence of red-light violations. Some drivers may be glad to hear the Police Commission has voted to get rid of them, even though the LAPD says they are a deterrent. The City Council could override that decision. We hear the pros and cons.  Also, a possible strike at local grocery chains, and homeboys and homegirls open a diner at Los Angeles City Hall. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, military and civilian challenges in Afghanistan.

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Making News Will There Be Another Grocery Workers Strike? 6 MIN, 23 SEC

In 2003, the last time a supermarket strike happened it went on for almost five months and disrupted a lot of consumers. Now, there's a possibility of another strike at Ralph's, Von's, Pavilions and Albertson's. Some 62,000 unionized workers have approved another walkout. P.J. Huffstutter is covering the story for the Los Angeles Times.

P.J. Huffstutter, Reuters (@PJHuffstutter1)

Main Topic In Los Angeles, Will Red-Light Cameras Come to a Stop? 13 MIN, 51 SEC

Thirty-two cameras were installed at Los Angeles intersections in 2004. The idea was to photograph drivers in the act of running red lights. The City Council insisted on at least one camera in each of their 15 districts, but the cameras were not all installed at the most dangerous intersections, and last year, an audit by City Controller Wendy Gruel could not conclusively document an increase in public safety. Now the contract has run out and the Police Commission has decided not to renew.

John Mack, Los Angeles Police Commission
Tony Cárdenas, Democratic Congressman (@RepCardenas)

Reporter's Notebook Homeboy Industries in City Hall 4 MIN, 39 SEC

At Los Angeles City Hall today, Father Greg Boyle's Homeboy Industries opened the Homeboy Diner to sell food to politicians, bureaucrats and visitors. It'll be staffed by young people who've decided to leave their troubled past behind and turn their lives around. The Homeboy Diner is an extension of the Homegirl Café, which started in Boyle Heights and is now a state-of-the-art restaurant in Chinatown. Chef Pati Zarate, who's been there since the beginning, cooks and trains 30 to 40 homegirls at a time in the food service industry.

Patricia Zarate, Homegirl Cafe

Main Topic The Military and Civilian Challenges in Afghanistan 26 MIN, 31 SEC

The Military and Civilian Challenges in AfghanistanAs America's longest war completes its tenth year, President Obama has promised a troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, starting next month. There is heated debate, not just on Capitol Hill but within the Administration, over how many troops should come home and how soon. Should America's "phased withdrawal" from Afghanistan begin next month with 3000 troops or 15,000? Is "counterinsurgency" counterproductive? We look at success, failure and possible change in the President's military and civilian strategies.

Mark Thompson, Time magazine (@MarkThompson_DC)
Tom A. Peter, Christian Science Moitor
Thomas Barfield, Boston University
Matthew Hoh, Center for International Policy (@matthewhoh)


Thomas Barfield


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