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The Mayor, the Chief of Police and the Superintendent of Schools tried today to reassure parents that what happened last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary won't happen here. We hear about efforts to provide security when the next term begins on January 7. Also, we talk with a survivor of the school shooting in Granada Hills in 1999.  What's it like for her each time such an incident takes place? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, will the Newtown massacre be a game changer?

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Main Topic LA School Safety in the Aftermath of a National Tragedy 28 MIN, 13 SEC

At a joint news conference today, the Superintendent of LA Unified appeared with Mayor Villaraigosa and the Chief of Police to tell parents about efforts to increase security at LA schools. Chief Charlie Beck announced a combined joint effort with LAUSD Police, promising that officers will be present at least daily at every elementary and middle school. John Deasey, superintendent of the nation's second largest school district, vowed, despite the district's "devastating budget cuts," to augment security. To reduce the number of guns on the street, Mayor Villaraigosa promised an update on the gun buyback program run by the Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development from May, 2013 to Wednesday, December 26.

Steve Zimmer, LA Unified School District; candidate for School Board District 4 seat (@lausd_zimmer)
Andrew Blankstein, NBC Investigations (@‏anblanx)
Ben Van Houten, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (@smartgunlaws)
Claudia Koerner, Orange County Register (@claudia koerner )
Mindy Finkelstein, City of Hope (@mindyfink)

Main Topic Will the Newtown Massacre Be a Game Changer? 22 MIN, 26 SEC

Image-for-WWLA.jpgAt a vigil last night in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama put last Friday's massacre of first-graders in the context of a year when multiple killings have become all too familiar. The latest of this year's multiple shootings killed six adults and 20 first-graders, none of them older than seven. Some call this the moment for action.  Others warn about unintended consequences. With 300 million guns in circulation, what are the options?

Reid Wilson, The Hill (@PoliticsReid)
Gregg Lee Carter, Bryant University (@BryantUniv)
Jacob Sullum, Reason magazine (@jacobsullum)
Jim Kessler, Third Way (@thirdwaykessler)
Ron Avi Astor, University of Southern California (@USCSocialWork)

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