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New York has its controversy over a new mosque. So does Temecula in rural Riverside County. We hear about property rights, city planning and religious diversity.  Also, the City Manager of Bell in Southern Los Angeles County is still on the job -- earning almost $800,000 a year to run a city of 37,000 people. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama has made good on more campaign promises than political veterans expected, but his public opinion ratings continue to fall. We ask why and what it could mean in November and beyond.  

Banner image: Members of the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley at a recent pot luck picnic

Main Topic Showdown over a Planned Mosque in Temecula Valley 15 MIN, 58 SEC

Sarah Palin has made headlines — and punch lines — by asking New Yorkers to “refudiate” the building of a mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero. Now, there’s some controversy over a proposed mosque in Temecula, a town in rural Riverside County. In the Los Angeles Times, Phil Willon reports that the Islamic Center of the Temecula Valley has been a presence in the city for more than ten years and wants to move to better quarters.

Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times (@LATimesWillon)
Bill Rench, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church
Salam Al-Marayati, Muslim Public Affairs Council (@mpac_national)

Reporter's Notebook How Tiny Cities like Bell End Up with Giant Salaries 10 MIN, 14 SEC

The City of Bell has been up in arms since the LA Times disclosed that City Manager Robert Rizzo makes almost $800,000 a year, while council members pull down $100,000 for their part-time jobs. Bell, in South Los Angeles County, is home to 37,000, mostly Latinos with a per capita income about half the average of the United States.  The vice mayor predicted that Rizzo would resign or be fired at last night’s council meeting. Cristina Garcia organized the Bell Association to Stop the Abuse.

Cristina Garcia, Assemblywoman (@AsmGarcia)
Bob Stern, Center for Governmental Studies

Main Topic Is Obama Winning the Battles but Losing the War? 26 MIN, 43 SEC

President Obama has astonished Washington veterans by achieving so many of the objectives he promised voters during the campaign of 2008.  But, "the mystery remains."  He "is still widely perceived as flirting with a failed presidency." That's according to a much-read article in Politico, authored by Jim VandeHei and John Harris.

John Harris, Politico (@HarrisPolitico)
Steve Kornacki, Salon.com (@SteveKornacki)
Michael Tomasky, Newsweek / Daily Beast (@michaeltomasky)
Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation (@KatrinaNation)
Walter Shapiro, Roll Call / Yale University (@MrWalterShapiro)

The Way to Win

Mark Halperin

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