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When the LAPD formally opens its new headquarters on Saturday morning, it will officially leave Parker Center.  We hear about the mixed legacy of the late Bill Parker, the Chief the building was named for.  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, local elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Maine could be important for the President, the Democratic Party and same sex marriage. Plus, President Obama's Pay Czar cuts executive compensation.

Banner image: New LAPD Headquarters, Copyright © 2009 Nabih Youssef Associates

Making News Pay Czar Cuts Executive Pay 7 MIN, 15 SEC

Executives at seven companies bailed out with taxpayer money got the word today. Kenneth Feinberg, the President's so-called "Pay Czar," cut their salaries and changed their compensation to try to prevent excessive risks in the future. Columnist David Weidner covers Wall Street for MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal.

David Weidner, MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal

Main Topic Local Politics with National Impact 32 MIN, 35 SEC

Twelve months after the US chose Barack Obama as the first black president, there is widespread disillusionment with politics in general. In two states that helped him win the Electoral College, Republicans are all fired up and Democrats don't care the way they did when Obama was on the ballot. In Virginia and New Jersey, local issues dominate in races for Governor — but if Democrats go down to defeat, Obama may be perceived as a loser. Maine could become the first state where voters approve same-sex marriage, or the 31st state where they turn it down. We look at elections to be held in less than two weeks that could help set the political stage for months to come.

Walter Shapiro, Roll Call / Yale University (@MrWalterShapiro)
Larry Sabato, University of Virginia Center for Politics (@larrysabato)
Kevin Miller, Reporter, Bangor Daily News
Jonathan Rauch, Brookings Institution (@jon_rauch)

Reporter's Notebook End of an LAPD Era as Parker Center Closes 12 MIN, 19 SEC

On Saturday, the ribbon will be cut on the new headquarters of the Los Angeles Police Department. It doesn't have an official name yet, but the old headquarters does. Parker Center was named in 1956 after the death of Chief Bill Parker, who re-shaped the LAPD for good -- and for ill. Tim Rutten is a veteran reporter and now columnist for the Los Angeles Times.

Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Daily News

LA Noir

John Buntin

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