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The Daily News, voice of the San Fernando Valley, says the Mayor of Los Angeles has "checked out." He's "AWOL," according to a front-page editorial, which promises a public campaign to get him back in action again. Does he have what it takes? Is it possible to "lead" a government that's built like LA's? Also, Jerry Brown's non-campaign for Governor.  On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, with the "real" jobless rate at 16%, all but two Republican Senators are still opposed to extending unemployment insurance. Can Democrats break a filibuster tomorrow?

Banner image: The 2011 NBA All-Star logo is unveiled by Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Eric Gordon of the Los Angeles Clippers, NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver, AEG CEO Tim Leiweke and NBA legend James Worthy before Game Two of the 2010 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers on June 6, 2010. Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Main Topic Is Villaraigosa Going AWOL on the Job? 27 MIN

The Daily News, which circulates mainly in the San Fernando Valley, has declared that Mayor Villaraigosa has "checked out."  In yesterday’s front-page editorial, Marielle Garza writes, "Just one year into his second term…Villaraigosa seems to have run out of steam."  We speak with Garza and others close to the Mayor.

D.J. Waldie, KCET (@djwaldie)
Matt Szabo, Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Villaraigosa
Richard Riordan, former Mayor of Los Angeles (@RichardJRiordan)
Mariel Garza, Los Angeles Times (@marielgarzaLAT)

Where We Are Now

D. J. Waldie

Reporter's Notebook Jerry Brown MIA on the Campaign Trail 25 MIN, 10 SEC

Meg Whitman has already spent $90 million on her campaign for governor, pumping out position papers and filling the airways with TV commercials.  Although the Republican candidate has never held elective office, the Field Poll says she’s just one point behind California’s most experienced politician. Attorney General Jerry Brown had no opposition for the Democratic nomination and didn’t need a campaign, and  so far, he doesn’t have one. Bruce Cain is Director of the University of California Center in Washington, DC.

Bruce Cain, University of California Washington Center

Main Topic Are the Out-of-Work about to Be Out of Benefits? 6 MIN, 21 SEC

As the Great Recession rolls on, unemployment benefits have already been extended more than ever before. But the jobless picture has not improved, and the extensions have run out. Weeks ago, the Congress approved another three-month extension, but only two  Republicans in the Senate will go along.  With a vote expected tomorrow, President Obama made the case today.

Michael Fletcher, Washington Post (@Fletchpost)
Derek Thompson, The Atlantic (@DKThomp)
Jeffrey Miron, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Harvard University
Ross Eisenbrey, Vice President, Economic Policy Institute
Allan Zaremberg, California Chamber of Commerce (@CalChamber)


Warren Olney

Katie Cooper
Darrell Satzman

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