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President Obama made a bid for Latino voters by ordering that immigrants brought to this country as children could apply for two-year deportation delays even though they are here illegally. Also, the rumors are true after all: there is a mountain lion living in Griffith Park. And a UC Irvine professor's film paints a grim picture of the US-China relationship.

Banner image: Some of the multitudes who showed up at the offices of LA's Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights. All those pictured are trying to get paperwork for themselves or their children to get a two-year reprieve from the threat of deportation. Photo by Saul Gonzalez

Making News Mountain Lion Prowls Griffith Park 7 MIN, 45 SEC

Since it was established, there have been rumors of mountain lions living in Griffith Park, but they seemed less and less likely as the Park was surrounded by urban expansion, including freeways. But federal officials have now revealed pictures of a lion they're calling P-22, accidentally photographed by a remote camera setup for a wildlife survey.

Martha Groves, Los Angeles Times (@MarthaGroves)

Main Topic Mini Dream Act Rolls Out in Los Angeles 12 MIN, 44 SEC

Congress failed to pass the so-called “Dream Act,” granting citizenship to illegal immigrants brought to this country as children and raised as Americans.  But President Obama ordered a temporary reprieve from deportation.  Undocumented people under 31 with no criminal records can apply for two-year delays.  Out of an estimated 1.4 potentially qualified nationwide, about 400,000 live in Southern California.  The program starts tomorrow, and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles is already seeing long lines of young people.  Outside the office, Saul Gonzalez talked with Marcela Rodriguez, who drove to LA from Corona.  Her mother brought here to the US when she was just a year old, and Saul asked what a change in status would mean for her life and her education plans.

Myrna Ortiz, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
Judy London, Public Counsel

Reporter's Notebook UC Irvine Professor's Film Paints Grim Picture of US-China Relationship 6 MIN, 41 SEC

Late one thanksgiving night and early on Black Friday morning, shoppers leaving appliance stores are asked to guess where the products they purchased came from.  Most of them guess it was China… and they’re mostly right.  That’s the beginning of the documentary film, Death by China, written, produced and directed by UC Irvine economics professor Peter Navarro.

Peter Navarro, University of California, Irvine

Main Topic The Consequences of Climate Change and the Cost of Denial 24 MIN, 52 SEC

July was America’s hottest month since 1895, and the past year was the hottest ever recorded. Temperatures, droughts, ice-sheet meltings and floods are setting records all over the world. Recent polls show renewed concern about climate change among American voters. Even some oil companies have given lip service to the need to develop alternatives to fossil fuels. But, so far, that’s not an issue in this year’s political campaigns.

We’ll hear the numbers, sample public attitudes and ask about the chances of action before it’s too late.

Bill McKibben, environmentalist and author (@billmckibben)
Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale University (@ecotone2)
Dominic Marcellino, Fellow at the Ecologic Institute in Washington DC


Warren Olney

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