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For years, California's been trying to stem runaway film and TV production to other states and countries. Is the effort a failure? A new report says LA County has lost 16,000 jobs since 2004, the year of peak production. Another study says the state as a whole lost $3 billion in wages from the decline. We get the latest on what's still a major sector of the local economy. Also, if you need to use the 405 freeway while it's under construction, there's bad news and good news: the completion date's been delayed for six months, but a residents' group has been formed to speed up the contractors. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, new rules for violence in a changing Middle East.

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Making News Anti-Gridlock Group Urges Speeding Up 405 Improvements 8 MIN, 40 SEC

The new HOV lane from Orange County to the San Fernando Valley is supposed to speed up commuter traffic on the 405 when it's finally complete. In the meantime, it seems like it'll never be done. The original deadline — Spring of 2013 — has been pushed back until December. Now a group called Angelenos against Gridlock has formed a subsidiary, the Faster 405 campaign.

David Murphy, Angelenos Against Gridlock (@EndingGridlock)
Paul Taylor, LA Metro

Main Topic Is Hollywood Really in Trouble? 16 MIN, 15 SEC

Runaway film and TV production may not be a problem as old as Hollywood, but it's been around long enough to cause major headaches for the local economy. Last week, the LA County Economic Development Corporation came up with some new numbers. Since 2004, 16,000 jobs have been lost.

Robert Kleinhenz, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (@LAEDC)
Amy Lemisch, California State Film Commission
Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles (@MayorOfLA)

Main Topic New Rules for Violence in a Changing Middle East 23 MIN, 2 SEC

Image-for-WWLA.jpgThe death toll from six days of Israeli strikes in Gaza is approaching 100 with 700 wounded. Yesterday, a bomb missed its intended target, killing 11 people, including nine in three generations of a single family. During years of sporadic rocket attacks from Gaza, Tel Aviv has seemed, somehow, beyond the conflict. Friday that came to a shattering change as air raid sirens wailed and Israelis sought cover under the tables of sidewalk cafes. Rockets fired from the Gaza Strip continue to fall in Israel, as Israel's retaliatory airstrikes kill more civilians in Gaza.  We update the resumption of violence, the Arab spring and Israeli politics.

Jodi Rudoren, New York Times (@Rudoren)
Karl Vick, Time Magazine (@karl_vick)
Robert Malley, International Crisis Group (@Rob_Malley)
Mouin Rabbani, Institute for Palestine Studies (@jadaliyya)

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