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California could be in for another Gold Rush from what's called "fracking" to release billions of barrels of oil trapped in shale rock underground. But opponents insist that the cost to the environment is already proving to be much too high. In the last days of the legislative session, proposed new regulations are touch and go. Even environmentalists are divided. We hear what it could mean — or not mean -- for Southern California. Also, a conversation with with Steve Soboroff, Mayor Eric Garcetti's choice to lead the LA Police Commission. Can he protect and preserve reforms that have taken decades to put in place?

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the White House today is repeating last night's claim by President Obama that the threat of force brought the Russians and Syrians to the bargaining table. Beyond that, did the speech to the nation lay out a clear path to the future? What if diplomacy doesn't work? What about Congress? We look at the many questions that still remain.

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Making News Soboroff Named New President of the LA Police Commission 8 MIN, 37 SEC

The LA Police Department was once known as an "occupying army" in minority neighborhoods, and that helped spark the Rodney King riots of 1992. Republican Mayor Richard Riordan agreed to a consent decree from a federal court, but when the court recently released the city from the decree, it said, "The Question is: will the institutions of Los Angeles, under new management, be able to protect and enhance the reforms that have been achieved?" Yesterday, Mayor Eric Garcetti's newly appointed Police Commission chose Steve Soboroff as President, and he quoted those words. Soboroff is a successful businessman and developer, who once ran for Mayor himself.

Steve Soboroff, Los Angeles Police Commission (@SteveSoboroff)

Main Topic Will Fracking Tarnish the Golden State? 15 MIN, 50 SEC

Hydraulic fracturing, called "fracking," has created outrage in Pennsylvania and led to regulations in New York state. The oil-drilling practice is widespread in Southern California, and bills for a moratorium or an outright ban have been killed in Sacramento. A measure to provide increased regulation is still alive, but even environmental groups are divided.

David Pettit, Natural Resources Defense Council (@TeamAir)
Alex Epstein, Center for Industrial Progress (@alexepstein)
Kathryn Phillips, Sierra Club of California (@sierraclub)

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