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LA School Superintendent John Deasy was scheduled to hold a meeting at this hour with parents at Miramonte Elementary, the South Los Angeles School where two teachers have been arrested for child abuse. We hear from parents, local residents and a training specialist in treating children and families. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, youth unemployment is so high the Davos economic conference calls it a "catastrophe." We talk with young people about creating their own jobs as entrepreneurs.

Reporter's Notebook Russians Drill to Lake Vostok, Two Miles below Antarctic Ice

One of the biggest lakes in the world is two miles below Antarctica, covered by ice for thousands of years. Russian researchers claim they've already broken through the icy surface of Lake Vostok; the US is reportedly not far behind. What will happen when the seal is broken? Marc Kaufman is science writer at the Washington Post and author of First Contact: Scientific Breakthroughs in the Hunt for Life Beyond Earth.

Marc Kaufman, Washington Post

First Contact

Marc Kaufman

Making News Child Abuse in an Elementary School

Miramonte Elementary in South Los Angeles will be closed tomorrow and Wednesday, but it was open today. Teacher Mark Berndt, who's in jail awaiting arraignment on 23 charges of child abuse has already been fired. He was arrested for foundling children 10 years ago, but not charges were filed due to lack of evidence. However, pictures reportedly confiscated from his home are said to show multiple cases of child abuse. Superintendent John Deasy is expected to fire Berndt's colleague tomorrow. Martin Springer's accused of fondling two seven-year-old girls. Deasy is meeting with parents this evening in the wake of revelations that Mark Berndt tied up second graders and fed them his sperm. Lisette Rivas-Hermina is a licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice, specializing in trauma treatment for children and families (We also heard from Nancy Linares, the mother of a child who went to Miramonte and whose grandchild goes there now, and from local resident Raymond Canal.)

Note: Between our mid-afternoon taping and 7pm airing, LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy announced several measures to "stabilize the learning environment and offer immediate and on-­going support."

Lisette Rivas-Hermina, marriage and family therapist

Main Topic Youth Unemployment and the Entrepreneurial Spirit 42 MIN

Is Entrepreneurialism the Answer to Youth Unemployment?Unemployment among people 18 to 34 is a "catastrophe," according to founder and director Klaus Schwab at his latest economic forum at Davos in Switzerland.  His solution is to provide young people with the capability to create their own jobs by encouraging a societal spirit of entrepreneurial risk-taking. It turns out that's exactly what the seriously unemployed generation of young Americans wants to do.  So what's holding them back? We hear from one of the conference's young participants and from other "millennials."

Aaron Smith, Young Invincibles
Emi Kolawole, Washington Post (@emikolawole)
Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker (@NeilBlumenthal)
William Deresiewicz, essayist and critic (@WDeresiewicz)

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