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LAPD Chief Charlie Beck has persuaded the City Police Commission to extend "humanity" and "compassion" to undocumented workers. They aren't allowed to get drivers licenses, and they pay a high price when stopped for minor violations. Now the penalties are being relaxed. Is it a first step to licensing illegal immigrants? We hear both sides of an ongoing controversy.  Also, as another powerful committee chair says he won't run for re-election, California is losing its clout in Congress. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Mitt Romney a winner or a survivor?


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Main Topic Easing the Rules against Unlicensed Drivers 19 MIN, 43 SEC

The LA Police Commission has approved new rules advocated by LA Police Chief Charlie Beck, in the interests of undocumented workers. Now, if drivers pulled over for minor violations turn out not to be licensed, their cars can be impounded for 30 days and fines can exceed $1200. In the future, they'll get their cars back sooner, and be charged just $38.50 a day for storage plus a fee of $228. Commander Andrew Smith, a communications officer for the LAPD, explains.

Andrew Smith, Los Angeles Police Department (@LAPDHQ)
Peter Nunez, Center for Immigration Studies
Angelica Salas, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (@ASalasCHIRLA)

Reporter's Notebook David Dreier Says He Won't Run Again 6 MIN, 30 SEC

Republican David Dreier of San Dimas won't run for a 16th term in Congress. As chair of the House Rules Committee, he's one of California's most powerful members. On the House floor this morning Dreier said, "The American people are asking for change," but that was a joke about low ratings in public opinion polls. In face, Dreier is the latest victim of reapportionment by a group of citizens who changed the rules. Paul Mitchell is a Democratic political consultant and the owner of Redistricting Partners.


Paul Mitchell, Political Data, Inc (@paulmitche11 )

Main Topic Is Mitt Romney a Winner or a Survivor? 26 MIN, 46 SEC

The Long Drawn-out Race in the GOPMitt Romney won Arizona big time in yesterday's voting, but he took his home state by only three points — and the final count may show that Rick Santorum won an equal number of delegates. Now it's on to caucuses in Washington State on Sunday -- and 10 states on Super Tuesday next week — with more delegates at stake than the total number in contests so far.

Joe Klein, Time Magazine (@JoeKleinTIME)
Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post (@JRubinBlogger)
Joshua Trevino, Texas Public Policy Foundation (@jstrevino)
Micheline Maynard, Forbes (@MickiMaynard)
Charles Bullock, University of Georgia

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