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California’s next statewide election is less than a month away—the first without an incumbent Governor on the ballot since 1998. We’ll hear how you can vote in the Democratic or Republican primary—even if you’re registered as Decline to State. Also tonight, stocks soared worldwide over Europe’s trillion-dollar commitment to shore up its economy. Is a major crisis being only kicked down the road? And…President Obama’s latest nominee to the US Supreme Court. Can Elena Kagan be confirmed by the Senate?

Banner Image: A woman observes a TV screen displaying information on Greece, Portugal and Spain's government bonds in a street of Paris, on May 10, 2010. Fears that a possible debt default by Greece could hit the world's financial system in the same way the collapse of US investment banking giant Lehman Brothers did two years ago had sent shares and the euro plunging. AFP PHOTO THOMAS COEX (Photo credit should read THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)

Making News Round-up of Statewide Elections as Voting Season Begins

In California, sample ballots already are in the mail for the4 next statewide election, which will make its own kind of history. Election day is June 8, but many people will want to vote early, and there’s a new way to do that. Kim Alexander is President of the nonpartisan California Voter Foundation, and she already has her ballot.

Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation (@kimalex3)

Main Topic Part 1: Obama Picks Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to replace John Paul Stevens on the US Supreme court. She’s been a law clerk, Dean of Harvard Law, Advisor to President Clinton and she’s the current Solicitor General, representing the Obama Administration before the court.

Jeff Zeleny, New York Times (@jeffzeleny)
Dahlia Lithwick, Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate (@dahlialithwick)
Jeffrey Rosen, National Constitution Center (@RosenJeffrey)

Main Topic Part 2: Stocks Rally on Greek Bailout Package

Stock markets around the world are breathing a sign of relief, but has Europe’s financial crisis now been resolved or only postponed? In Brussels yesterday, a 2-hour meeting of Europe’s finance ministers turned into an 11-hour marathon. The result was a one-trillion dollar agreement, arrived at in time for this morning’s opening of stock markets in Asia.

Charles Forelle, Wall Street Journal (@charlesforelle)
Paul Murphy, Alphaville Editor & Associate Editor, Financial Times
Desmond Lachman, former Deputy Director of the Policy and Review, International Monetary Fund
James Galbraith, University of Texas, Austin

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