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Proposition 23 on the November ballot has divided California's business community between those who make and depend on fossil fuels and those who hope to profit from the green economy. How long would it delay the state's effort to limit greenhouse gases? How many jobs would be lost in the short term? Why is Prop 23 posing particular problems for Republican candidates running statewide? Also, the LAPD and community opposition, from Gates to Bratton to Beck. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the run on Kabul Bank in Afghanistan raises a disturbing question: what if government corruption is more dangerous than the Taliban?

Banner image: Detail from cover of California at the Crossroads: Proposition 23, AB 32, and Climate Change

Main Topic California Politics and Global Warming 18 MIN, 52 SEC

Proposition 23 on the November ballot would suspend Governor Schwarzenegger's proudest achievement, AB 32. The law that sets limits on emissions of greenhouse gases would not go back into effect until unemployment stayed at 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. The Prop 23 campaign is funded mostly by out-of-state energy companies. It's supported by the business-oriented base of California's Republican Party but, in a blue state where Independents will make the difference, Republican candidates are having trouble. The campaign against it is getting money from Silicon Valley and other centers of the so-called "green economy."  The law school at UC Berkeley issued a study today called California at the Crossroads: Proposition 23, AB 32 and Climate Change.

Jack Stewart, WIRED
Dan Farber, Director, UC Berkeley's Environmental Law Program
Carla Marinucci, Politico (@cmarinucci)

Reporter's Notebook LAPD Chief Beck Tries to Diffuse Tensions over Westlake Shooting 6 MIN, 51 SEC

Last night was the third in a row for street protests against the Los Angeles Police Department in the Westlake District near MacArthur Park. It's a mostly Latino neighborhood, where residents are angry about Sunday's LAPD shooting of a drunken man who allegedly threatened the officer with a knife. Before the street action got underway, Chief Charlie Beck attended a community meeting. Freelance journalist Celeste Fremon has covered the LAPD for many years. She blogs at WitnessLA.com.

Celeste Fremon, WitnessLA.com (@witnessla)

Main Topic The Run on Kabul Bank: Corruption and the Karzai Government 26 MIN, 21 SEC

After Somallia, Transparency International now ranks the government of Afghanistan as the most corrupt in the world.  The latest evidence is the crisis involving Kabul Bank, Afghanistan's most important private financial institution.

Adam Ellick, Correspondent, New York Times
Alam Payind, Director, Ohio State University's Middle East Studies Center
Juan Cole, University of Michigan (@jricole)
Brian Katulis, Center for America Progress (@Katulis)

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