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In Los Angeles County, many veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are coping with unemployment and poverty. We hear what might be done to make the plight easier. We’ll also hear profiles of some of the Californians who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice. Also, the Hollywood Sign is getting a new coat of paint, and it's not Phil Jackson after all. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the "fiscal cliff" and the chance of another recession.

Making News It's not Phil Jackson, After All! 10 MIN

Phil Jackson was “stunned” when Lakers management told him that Mike D'Antoni had been hired to replace the recently fired coach Mike Brown. That’s according to ESPN, which claims that Jackson thought, "It was his job to turn down." But no formal offer had been made, and the Lakers insist the decision was not about Jackson's demands but D'Antoni's "fit" with the current roster of players. Matt "Money" Smith is co-host of the Petros and Money Show on KLAC AM 570.

Matt 'Money' Smith, 'Petros and Money' (@mattmoneysmith)

Main Topic LA Veterans Are Falling Through the Cracks 20 MIN

About 36,000 veterans who've served since the attacks of September 11 now live in Los Angeles County, and some 24,000 more are expected before the US withdraws from Afghanistan. The United Way of Greater Los Angeles reports that they often face unemployment and poverty. We hear what might be done to make the plight easier. We also hear profiles of some of the Californians who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

Alicia Lara, United Way of Greater Los Angeles (@LAUnitedWay)
Diana Marcum, Los Angeles Times (@DianaMarcum)

Main Topic Looking Over the Edge of the Fiscal Cliff 20 MIN

The “Fiscal Cliff” means all income-tax payers are in for an increase and most government programs are in for massive reductions—by the 1st of next year. What if the re-elected President and the lame-duck Congress can’t make a deal? Would Gridlock necessarily lead to another recession? We look at the financial picture—and ask which players have the most to gain or lose in the aftermath of last week’s election.

Reporter's Notebook Renovating the Hollywood Sign 10 MIN

LA's most famous landmark is getting a full makeover, but KCRW's Saul Gonzalez reports that tourists trying to get close to the Hollywood Sign are running into residents who'd rather be left alone. Saul visited with workers refurbishing those world-famous letters.

Saul Gonzalez, Host, 'There Goes the Neighborhood: Los Angeles' (@SaulKCRW)

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