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The San Onofre nuclear power plant is shut down and likely to remain so, at least until what's officially called "a serious issue" of leaking tubes has been resolved. If there's a summer heat wave, will some big power users have to shut down? How likely are rolling blackouts? Is San Onofre earthquake safe, with a location resembling Fukushima Daichi? Also, stars of the past meet the new owners at Dodger Stadium. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, public education and private profit.

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Making News Dodgers Deal Is Finally a Done Deal 7 MIN, 27 SEC

Three men walked to a platform in center field at Dodger Stadium today and broadcaster Vin Scully announced, "It's time now to meet the group that will take the Dodgers higher than the Sistine Chapel. A group that is committed, that is fan friendly, that is absolutely committed to winning" Magic Johnson declared the stormy Frank McCourt over, to be replaced by a "new direction, new era." CEO Stan Kasten committed to true Dodger tradition of "building a winning team, from top to bottom." Matt "Money" Smith is co host of the Petros and Money Show on KLAC AM 570 and Fox Sports radio.

Matt 'Money' Smith, 'Petros and Money' (@mattmoneysmith)

Main Topic A Southern California Summer without Nuclear Power? 18 MIN, 26 SEC

At San Onofre, on the coast near the boundary of Orange and San Diego Counties, both nuclear generators have been shut down since January. On a high-profile visit with US Senator Dianne Feinstein, the chair of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Gregory Jaczko, said they won't be started again until what he calls "a very serious" issue has been resolved. That means nine percent of the power in the LA region and 20 percent in San Diego won't be available if there's a summer heat wave.

Morgan Lee, U-T San Diego (@SoCalSpark)
Veronica Gutierrez, Southern California Edison (@socaledison)
Larry Agran, City of Irvine

Main Topic Pineapplegate and Privatizing Public Schools 26 MIN, 32 SEC

Pineapplegate and Privatizing Public SchoolsOn a standardized test this month, New York's 8th graders were asked about a pineapple that challenges a hare to a race. Since the pineapple can't move, forest animals suspect it has a trick up its sleeve and they bet on it to win. But the hare wins — and the animals eat the pineapple. The moral is: pineapples don't have sleeves. That story and the questions kids were asked about it are so obviously stupid that education officials have announced they won't count in official scoring. Others see it as prime evidence of what's wrong with education reform. Are public schools being privatized at increased cost to taxpayers and the quality of education itself?

Diane Ravitch, New York University (@DianeRavitch)
Kathleen Porter-Magee, Thomas B. Fordham Institute (@kportermagee)
Alex Molnar, National Education Policy Center
Dru Stevenson, South Texas College of Law

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