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The so-called “soccer-mom terrorist” is paroled from California to Minnesota, despite the objections of that state's governor and local police.  Also, the California Assembly says “no” to $2.5 billion in stimulus money. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, GM and Chrysler may be on the verge of bankruptcy, but auto sales are declining so fast the entire industry is in trouble. We hear about “green” technology and the price of gasoline.

Main Topic The Auto Industry: In Survival Mode 26 MIN, 56 SEC

President Obama's automobile task force is in Michigan this week to assess the so-called “viability plans” of Chrysler and General Motors. Meantime, auto sales have taken a nosedive. GM is down by 53 percent since last year, Ford by 48% and Chrysler by 44%. Toyota sales are off 40% and Honda has dropped by 38%. How important is the price of gas? How difficult is getting a loan? Are car sales tied to housing? We talk with the world's biggest Ford dealer and others about the present and future of the automobile. What would “an intelligent transportation system” look like?

Wes Brown, Consumer Analyst, Iceology
Peter De Lorenzo, AutoExtremist.com (@Autoextremist)
Bill Reinert, National Manager, Toyota's Advanced Technology Group
Bert Boeckmann, Owner, Galpin Ford

Making News Republicans Vote against Extension of Unemployment Benefits 3 MIN, 37 SEC

Unemployment in California is running at 10.1%.  In Sacramento last night the State Assembly spent hours deciding whether to accept $2.5 billion in federal dollars for 20 additional weeks of benefits.  By one vote…the measure failed.  Marc Lifsher reports from the Capitol for the Los Angeles Times.

Marc Lifsher, Reporter, Los Angeles Times (@MarcLifsher)

Main Topic Sara Jane Olson Paroled to Minnesota 13 MIN, 16 SEC

Sara Jane Olson was a fugitive from justice for 25 years.  In 2001, she was arrested in Minnesota and returned to California to serve sentences for two crimes. In 1975, she was a member of the so-called Symbionese Liberation Army, the SLA, which kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst and committed numerous other crimes. Olson, also known as Kathleen Soliah, ultimately pled guilty to placing pipe bombs under Los Angeles police cars and participating in a Sacramento bank robbery during which a woman was killed. Today, after serving half of her 14-year sentence, she was paroled back to Minnesota, despite the objection of that state’s governor, Tom Pawlenty.  Governor Schwarzenegger said he lets the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation take care of such issues.

Teri Thornton, Spokeswoman, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
Paul Weber, President, Los Angeles Police Protective League
Curt Brown, Reporter, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Reporter's Notebook Sebastian Copeland Treks to North Pole 8 MIN, 20 SEC

Admiral Robert Peary made the first recorded walk to the North Pole just 100 years ago.  In a week, photographer and environmental activist Sebastian Copeland sets off on a two-man trek that he hopes won’t be the last such expedition.

Sebastian Copeland, photographer and environmental activist

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