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One issue Southern California students care about is global climate change. Claremont’s Pitzer College just joined a national campaign to divest from the fossil fuel industry. Student activists in the ten college UC system are also calling for their institutions to follow suit. But many asset managers believe that divestment from the energy sector is financially irresponsible. Guest host Barbara Bogaev considers both sides of the debate. Also, the $400 million trash train to nowhere, and a look at the latest in virtual reality and how Hollywood is trying to get us all wearing Goggles.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, Warren Olney updates the crisis in Ukrainian. Will the White House increase sanctions? Can Vladimir Putin afford to ignore threats to Russia’s economy?


Banner image courtesy of California Student Sustainability Coalition


LA's Multi-million Dollar Trash Train to Nowhere 4 MIN, 51 SEC

The Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County have spent a decade and $430 million to build a railway system that would carry the county's trash to a landfill out in the desert. But the whole thing is lying fallow because the train costs too much to use. Sanitation officials say they miscalculated, and the county won't be able to afford the desert train for five, possibly fifteen years; others say it could take even longer. Investigative reporter Morgan Cook is covering the trash misadventure for the Orange County Register.

Morgan Cook, Orange County Register (@MorganECook)

Should the UC Schools Get Out of Fossil Fuels? 15 MIN

You might remember the long campaign to divest in South Africa, then Sudan, big tobacco, Israel. Now divestment is back again on college campuses. This time, the cause is global warming. Over the past two years, student activists at nearly 400 colleges across the US have been campaigning to push their schools to pull fossil fuel out of their portfolios. Last week Pitzer College joined the fray, and students in the UC system are urging their schools to follow suit. There's a significant amount of money at stake, and many asset managers say divestment is financially irresponsible for public universities. They're not alone. Others also believe that divesting is not the most efficient political strategy. We hear different viewpoints.

Emily Williams, California Student Sustainability Coalition
Lawrence Harris, USC (@USCMarshall)
Daniel Kammen, UC Berkeley (@GoldmanSchool)

Virtual Reality Is Here, and Hollywood Wants In on the Action 8 MIN, 14 SEC

Virtual reality has been getting all the buzz in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street since Facebook announced it was scooping up Oculus, a start-up with a new kind of virtual reality goggles. But Hollywood wants a piece of the action too. Now the tightly knit community of virtual reality developers in Southern California are suddenly hot. Gideon Brower, with KCRW's Independent Producer Project, has the story. (To see photos from the conference, including those stylish Oculus Rift goggles, go to the Which Way, LA? blog.)

Gideon Brower, Independent Producer (@GideonLA)


Barbara Bogaev
Warren Olney

Gideon Brower

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