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LA's elected County Assessor, John Noguez, was arrested, handcuffed and jailed this morning on 31 counts for allegedly lowering property values in exchange for cash contributions. Also, the digital world is moving south — from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, the heart of the entertainment world. We hear how content and technology are gentrifying what's now called Silicon Beach. Will Venice ever be funky again after Google? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Obama and Romney in the battle of the candidates.

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Making News LA County Assessor Arrested 12 MIN, 4 SEC

LA County's elected Tax Assessor, John Noguez, did the perp-walk in handcuffs early this morning from his home in Huntington Park to a waiting patrol car. He's in custody with bail set at $1.3 million. Along with two co-defendants he faces 31 counts filed by District Attorney Steve Cooley. We hear from the DA and from Gene Maddaus who's following the story for the LA Weekly.

Steve Cooley, former Los Angeles District Attorney
Gene Maddaus, Variety (@GeneMaddaus)

Main Topic Silicon Beach and the Perils of Gentrification 25 MIN, 9 SEC

For a long time, people in Silicon Valley would fly to LA when they had to. Then it occurred to them that people who work in technology and content could actually live in the same place. Now, Google has come to Venice, greeted warmly by the Chamber of Commerce, but regarded by some long-time residents as an unwelcome invader. We look at the changing nature of that formerly funky community with 300 new high-tech companies altogether. But that only accounts for half of the new, mainly Westside, phenomenon called Silicon Beach. (Parts Two and Three of KCRW's series on Silicon Beach will run on All Things Considered tomorrow on Friday.  You can hear them all at KCRW.com/siliconbeach.)

In addition to our guests, we also hear the voices of Jonathan Gold, food critic for LA Times and KCRW's Good Food; Marissa Gluck, tech consultant for Radar Research and Oscar Hermosillo, owner of Venice Beach Wines and Oscar's Cerveteca on Rose Avenue.

David 'Preacher' Ewing, Venice Action Alliance
Kristen Moore, Demand Media
Colleen O'Mara, Hype Media (@hypeworld)
Steve Chiotakis, Afternoon News Anchor (@RadioChio)
Wayne Ratkovich, Ratkovich Company / Wende Board of Directors

Main Topic Obama-Romney Town Hall: The Thrilla in Nassau County 12 MIN, 12 SEC

Last night's presidential debate turned into a prime-time political confrontation, this time including a president fully engaged with a challenger ready for action. President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, his Republican rival, touched on what seemed like dozens of issues, from contraception to immigration to the deadly attack on the Libyan consulate.  We hear excerpts and contrasting assessments.


Molly Ball, Time Magazine (@mollyesque)
Paul Glastris, Washington Monthly (@glastris)
Jonathan Tobin, National Review / Federalist / Jewish News Service (@jonathans_tobin)


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