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California's master plan for higher education says all high school graduates are eligible for community college admission, but now that temporary taxes are being allowed to expire, some 400,000 students are likely to be rejected — 30,000 in LA alone. We talk with students, the chancellor of LA's community colleges and a high-ranking Republican Party official. Also, how the Hughes Aircraft Company lived up to its name, after Howard Hughes was long gone. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, will California and other states invest enough in education to keep the US competitive?

Banner image of Students at Santa Monica College: Dyana V

Making News Innovation, Education and California's Future 20 MIN, 4 SEC

California's Master Plan for Higher Education says community colleges should be open to any high school graduate who can benefit from instruction. But some 400,000 students might be turned away from 112 campuses if billions of dollars in taxes are allowed to expire in June. Republicans have rejected Governor Brown's call for an election to give voters a chance to extend those taxes. We hear about efforts to maintain college budgets.

Dan LaVista, Los Angeles Community College District
Jon Fleischman, Breitbart California (@FlashReport)

Reporter's Notebook Recollections of Hughes Aircraft, Innovative American Company 8 MIN, 27 SEC

book1.jpgFounded in 1932 by Howard Hughes — pilot, entrepreneur, movie mogul and ladies' man, the Hughes Aircraft Company became America's number one defense contractor. Now it's gone, but its campus is being redeveloped as part of the Playa Vista development. Recently, the new owner, Wayne Ratkovich invited veterans of the best days to party in the world's largest wooden building, where the Spruce Goose was made. WWLA producer Frances Anderton talked with former company president Ken Richardson, who said things really got going after Hughes was forced out by the Pentagon, which said the company was too important not to be run well.

Ken Richardson, Hughes Aircraft

Main Topic Will the US Invest in its Own Future? 26 MIN, 36 SEC

The Royal Society of England has released a report on the scientific output of various countries.  It reports that China has already surpassed Britain as the second leading producer of research in the world and, at its present rate, it will overtake the United States in science in just two years. Meantime, education in the United States is in the cross hairs of both reformers and budget cutters.

John Rogers, UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education and Access
Arthur Rothkopf, Department of Education's National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity
Adam Minter, Bloomberg World View (@AdamMinter)
Nina Hachigian, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

The Next American Century

Nina Hachigian

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