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Two-thirds of American teenagers say they want summer jobs, but only a quarter can find them. As Los Angeles struggles out of recession, companies that want to hire three kids are getting 300 resumes. We talk with young people about the challenges they face and hear about the LA Chamber of Commerce's mock hiring process that provides a certificate signed by the Mayor. Also, what if the US Supreme Court dismisses the challenge to Proposition 8? Some lawyers contend that same-sex marriage would be legal in California. Others say that might only be true for four people—or maybe two counties at most.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, when the Presidents of the US and China sit down Friday in Rancho Mirage, the agenda will include cyberwarfare. China has a well-established culture of computer hacking and the US wants to establish rules for the game. Will it be like détente with the Soviet Union or is the ultimate issue control of the Internet? Also, a writer with hope for Mexico despite death threats and disappointment.book.jpg


Banner image: Mayor Villaraigosa (C) with several students who've benefited by the Hire LA Youth program

Main Topic Summer Jobs in a Recovering Economy 9 MIN, 13 SEC

It's time for young people to find summer jobs but, as we all know, recovery has been a long time coming. To provide some assistance, the LA Area Chamber of Commerce has established a program called Hire LA Youth. David Rattray is the Chamber's senior vice president of education and workforce development. We hear from him and from some of the city's young job seekers.

David Rattray, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
Derrian William, Santa Monica College
Destiny Nguyen, Lincoln High School
Aaron Ortiz, Kennedy High School

Reporter's Notebook Legal Debate over Prop 8's Impact 7 MIN, 39 SEC

Same-sex marriage has taken a winding path to the US Supreme Court. The State Supreme Court declared it legal. Then voters rejected it by passing Prop 8.  Federal District Judge Vaughn Walker then threw out Prop 8 and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed. Then the backers of Prop 8 appealed to the US Supreme Court, which could rule one way or the other. But will it? Lawyers leading the fight for gay marriage are telling state officials it just might not. Maura Dolan covers legal affairs for the LA Times.

Maura Dolan, Los Angeles Times (@mauradolan)

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