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California cities claim that redevelopment is what keeps them humming, creating jobs and raising property taxes by improving so-called "blighted" areas. But Governor Brown, the legislature and the State Supreme Court have put them out of business as of February 1.  Will the $5- or $6 billion they raise every year be available now for what Brown calls "core services?" Maybe not. We hear the latest chapter in California's colossal financial mess. Also, is Los Angeles a "company town?" On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Republicans get serious in New Hampshire.

Banner image: An old California cottage-style house is vacated and vadalized in Venice, California. Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Main Topic Redevelopment in California is Over, at Least for Now 20 MIN, 19 SEC

The State Supreme Court has given Governor Brown his wish: that property taxes to redevelop so-called "blighted" areas be diverted to schools and other "core services" of government. More than 400 redevelopment agencies run by cities around the state have been put out of business, but that does not immediately free up all of the $6 billion they raise and spend every year. It has created a mess.

Timm Herdt, Ventura County Star
Bill Fulton, Rice University (@BillFultonVta)
Jim Kennedy, California Redevelopment Association

The Reluctant Metropolis

William Fulton

Reporter's Notebook Does Philip Anschutz Own LA? 6 MIN, 35 SEC

This week's New Yorker magazine is getting special attention in Southern California for an article called, "The Man Who Owns LA."  It's about the Anschutz Entertainment Group, or AEG, most famous for Staples Center, LA Live and Farmer's Field, the NFL stadium that's been given a name even though it hasn't been built yet. Connie Bruck is the writer.

Connie Bruck, New Yorker

Main Topic Romney under Attack before New Hampshire Primary 25 MIN, 41 SEC

New Hampshire: The Republicans Get Down to BusinessMitt Romney's ahead in the polls in New Hampshire, where voters will choose the first Republican convention delegates tomorrow. He's also leading in South Carolina and Florida, which are coming up before the end of this month. But many Republicans are still looking for an alternative. Will Independents, who make up 40 percent of tomorrow's vote, help Jon Huntsman emerge from the pack?  Will they set the stage for a single anti-Romney candidate in South Carolina or Florida?


Websites of (other) Republican presidential candidates:

Rick Perry
Rick Santorum

Maggie Haberman, New York Times / CNN (@maggienyt)
Linda Fowler, Dartmouth College
Joshua Trevino, Texas Public Policy Foundation (@jstrevino)
Kristen Soltis Anderson, Washington Examiner / Echelon Insights (@KSoltisAnderson)
Ron Brownstein, Atlantic / CNN (@RonBrownstein)

The Second Civil War

Ronald Brownstein

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