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In videotaped depositions released by court order, Cardinal Roger Mahony explains why he did not call police after a priest confessed to abusing children.  Also, the Governor claims a breakthrough on pension reform, and a telephone service keeps LA’s Iranian ex-pats in touch with the home country. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the CEO of BP -- who once  minimized the Gulf oil spill, apologized today at a congressional hearing. But he was accused of "stonewalling" on tough questions.  LA Democrat Henry Waxman called him "irresponsible."

Banner image: Cardinal Roger Mahony, as prepares to serve Holy Communion at the celebration of the Mass of the Lord's Supper, at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels April 9, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

Making News Four State Unions Make Pension Concessions 4 MIN, 30 SEC

State firefighters and Highway Patrol officers have agreed to Governor Schwarzenegger’s call for pension reforms that would save the state some $72 million a year. He calls it a major breakthrough, but $72 million is a tiny fraction of the state’s $19 billion shortfall. Denis Theriault reports from Sacramento for the San Jose Mercury-News.

Denis Theriault, Reporter, San Jose Mercury-News

Main Topic The LA Archdiocese and Pedophile Priests 13 MIN, 57 SEC

The court-ordered release of hours of videotaped depositions has brought new attention to pedophilia by priests in LA's Catholic Archdiocese. Cardinal Roger Mahony was asked why he never informed police about Michael Baker, a former priest who's now serving a ten-year sentence for child molestation. After Baker told Mahony he was an abuser, Mahony sent him to counseling and then reassigned him to parishes where he committed further crimes.

Although the Archdiocese declined to participate in today's discussion, it did offer these remarks:

Statement of Tod Tamberg, spokesman for the Los Angeles Archdiocese

Statement of Cardinal Roger Mahony

Carol Williams, Los Angeles Times (@cjwilliamslat)
John Manly, Senior Attorney

Reporter's Notebook The '08,' Iranian Lifeline in Los Angeles 5 MIN, 17 SEC

There are 600,000 immigrants from Iran in Los Angeles, many concentrated near Westwood. Now they can stay in touch with their home country, with a phone service that also provides an outlet for people still in Iran. It's called the “08” — the phone number for Information in Iran before the Islamic Revolution. Freelance journalist Elizabeth Segal has a report.

Elizabeth Segal, freelance journalist

Main Topic BP on the Capitol Hill Hot Seat 27 MIN, 30 SEC

Before a House sub-committee hearing today, Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, apologized today to the Gulf coast, all Americans and angry members of Congress, some of whom called on him to resign. They asked if BP cut corners to save money. Were warnings of trouble ignored? But it turned out there were more questions than answers. We hear more of today's hearing, and how the claims process is shaping up. Is Washington too tough on BP or not tough enough?

Jonathan Tilove, Washington Reporter, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Loren Steffy, Houston Chronicle (@lsteffy)
Jeffrey Fisher, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen's Energy Program
Chris Horner, Senior Fellow, Competitive Enterprise Institute

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