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"Carmageddon" -- when the 405 was closed for a weekend through the Sepulveda Pass -- turned into a breeze, because Metro warned motorists for weeks in advance. But Metro waited until Friday to publicly announce lane reductions that started today, so commuters and residents had no opportunity to plan alternative routes or allow more time to get to their destinations. We hear from Metro and some angry drivers. Also, the President cashes in again on California's political ATM. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, can the leaders of Europe save the Euro?  Why should they want to?

Banner image: Construction workers shut down the Sepulveda Boulevard on-ramp to the Interstate 405. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Main Topic Traffic Snarls without Warning 20 MIN, 10 SEC

There's more trouble ahead for traffic in Westwood and the Sepulveda Pass. Metro's weeks of warning about "Carmageddon" gave drivers plenty of time to plan alternatives to using the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass for one weekend this past July. But this morning, Metro started three months of reduced lanes on Sepulveda Boulevard without any public notice until last Friday. It waited until then to issue a press release advising motorists to "plan ahead and allow additional time to reach their destinations."

Michael Barbour, Metro
Cynthia Sherrill, resident of Santa Monica
Martha Groves, Los Angeles Times (@MarthaGroves)
Debbie Nussbaum, Westwood Hills Property Owners Association

Reporter's Notebook Is It Time to Shut Down the Political ATM in California? 5 MIN, 13 SEC

President Obama planned to fly in from Las Vegas for big fundraisers tonight and tomorrow. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have been regular visitors, too, and even Michele Bachmann has tapped what insiders call California's political ATM. Joe Mathews says it ought to be shut down. He blogs at NBC LA and is co-author of California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It .

Joe Mathews, Host, "Zocalo's Connecting California" (@joemmathews)

California Crackup

Joe Mathews

Main Topic Can the Leaders of Europe Save the Euro? 26 MIN, 57 SEC

European Economy on the BrinkIn Europe yesterday, there was another summit and another delay in taking the action needed to stave off another worldwide recession. But even some pessimists concede there was a new sense of urgency that could lead to a rescue plan before it's too late. We hear about efforts to save the Euro and avoid another worldwide recession.

Nick Malkoutzis, Macropolis (@NickMalkoutzis)
Peter Spiegel, Financial Times (@SpiegelPeter)
Karsten Voigt, German Council of Foreign Relations
Matthew Lynn, Strategy Economics


Matthew Lynn

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