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Three stories about California and water: Sea levels are on the rise due to climate change, and the state's not prepared. Misunderstandings are hindering water development for an increasing population. Homeless shelters may be inadequate during this weekend's rain storms. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama is now a Nobel laureate, accepting the prestigious prize for peace while acknowledging that he's a war president. We hear excerpts of his remarks and get a variety of reactions. 

Banner image: Detail from the State Land Commission's report, Sea Level Rise Preparedness

Main Topic War and Peace and the Nobel Prize 32 MIN, 6 SEC

laureate_obama.jpgPresident Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize today with humility and a defense of the war in Afghanistan. He said the use of force can bring lasting peace. Compared to others who've won the prize, he called his own accomplishments "slight." We hear excerpts of today's "lecture" and get different reactions. Why did he get the prize? Was it premature? Was the Nobel committee sending a message? Did it create an embarrassing contradiction?

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Kjell Dragnes, Foreign Editor, Aftenposten
Jeff Zeleny, New York Times (@jeffzeleny)
Allan Lichtman, American University; author of “The Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present" (@AllanLichtman)
Richard Grenell, media observer and former diplomat (@richardgrenell)
Johan Bergenas, Research Associate, Monterey Institute of International Studies

Making News Cold Snap Drives Families into Shelters 6 MIN, 37 SEC

It's cold in Southern California, and it's going to get wet -- with big storms predicted starting tonight and lasting into next week.  That's bad news for people with no place to live.  Winter shelters opened December 1, and a couple of nights ago occupancy doubled.  Andy Bales is CEO of the Union Rescue Mission.

Andy Bales, Union Rescue Mission (@abales)

Main Topic Ports and Coast-Dwellers Get Ready for Rising Tide 13 MIN, 36 SEC

During the past century, sea levels along the California coast rose between seven and nine inches. In the next 100 years, climate change is likely to raise them by four or five feet. A recent survey has found that ports and shipping centers are not prepared.

Paul Thayer, Executive Officer, California Lands Commission
Matt Heberger, Research Associate, Pacific Institute

Reporter's Notebook Myths and Truths about California's Water Supply 5 MIN, 26 SEC

The history of California is the story of water, where we find it and what it takes to move it to other places. More than a thousand local and regional water agencies are focused on local issues, rather than collective action, and that's hindering development as population grows and the climate changes. That's according to a Public Policy Institute of California study on myths about water problems and their solutions. PPIC Research Director Ellen Hanak authored the report.


Warren Olney

Sonya Geis
Katie Cooper

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