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The Los Angeles Police Department is leaving Parker Center, and Bill Bratton is moving on, too.  We talk with the LAPD Chief about the city's peculiar brand of politics and get some history out of the now-defunct press room at Parker Center. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama touched down briefly in New Orleans today, and the Big Easy seemed to be saying, "it's about time."  We hear about reconstruction, flood protection, race and political partisanship.   

Banner image: Chief Bratton's final LAPD graduation ceremony on October 9, 2009

Main Topic The President's Quick Trip to The Big Easy 27 MIN, 36 SEC

Senator Barack Obama went to New Orleans five times to criticize then-President George Bush for failing to rebuild New Orleans or protect it from future flooding. But today was his first visit as President, and he spent just a few hours before going on to a fundraiser in San Francisco.

Jonathan Tilove, Washington Reporter, New Orleans Times-Picayune
Harry Shearer, Political satirist (@theharryshearer)
Ivor van Heerden, Center for the Study of Public Health Impact of Hurricanes
Elliott Stonecipher, independent demographic analyst
Barbara Major, Vice President, Citizens United for Economic Equity

The Story

Ivor van Heerden and Mike Bryan

Making News CalPERS Investigating $50 Million Paid to Former Board Member 4 MIN, 17 SEC

California largest public retirement system, CalPERS, stands to lose $500 million on a New York real estate deal that's about to go bust. Other potential losers are the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation and the Church of England.  The State Teachers' Retirement System has already written off $100 million. Dale Kasler covers business and economics for the Sacramento Bee.

Dale Kasler, Sacramento Bee (@dakasler)

Main Topic Chief Bratton Prepares to Depart LA 16 MIN, 56 SEC

After seven years as Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, Bill Bratton is leaving at the end of this month. But up to the last minute, he's been fighting what he sees as the good fight, against any effort to stop the department from growing, and also against the way the political game is played in Los Angeles.

William Bratton, Los Angeles Police Department

Reporter's Notebook Parker Center Press Room Closes, LAPD Lore Lives On 5 MIN, 19 SEC

The Los Angeles Police Department is moving out of Parker Center to the new, as yet unnamed police administration building. Parker Center got its name when Chief Bill Parker died of a heart attack in 1966. The building goes back to 1955, as do the stories that make up LAPD lore. They're passed on by veterans like Pete Noyes. Now retired, Noyes was a reporter's reporter, who started out in print, migrated to TV and became an investigative producer for every commercial station in town.

Pete Noyes, veteran Los Angeles newscaster

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