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A UN investigator has told Mayor Kevin Johnson that Sacramento may be violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It's all about the denial of drinkable water and sanitary facilities to homeless people, which the UN calls discrimination based on economic and social status. We talk to a man who’s volunteered to dispose of human waste in bags as heavy as 230 pounds. Is Los Angeles doing any better? Also, LA Unified Superintendent John Deasy on child abuse at Miramonte Elementary. What about the rest of the District? On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, is the Pentagon telling the truth when it claims there’s progress in Afghanistan?

Banner image: Carol Carlile washes dishes outside her tent in Sacramento, California on March 10, 2009. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Making News LAUSD Superintendant Addresses Miramonte Scandal 11 MIN, 46 SEC

Miramonte Elementary School in South LA is closed today. When it opens tomorrow the staff and faculty will be entirely new. They'll stay on the job at least until the Los Angeles Unified School District completes its investigation of alleged child abuse by two long-time teachers. That's according to LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy.

John Deasy, Los Angeles Unified School District (@DrDeasyLAUSD)

Main Topic UN Says Sacramento Violating Human Rights of Homeless 15 MIN, 37 SEC

Mayor Kevin Johnson has been warned by the United Nations that Sacramento may be violating the Declaration of Human Rights. An investigator who visited last year found that the city was evicting homeless people from "tent cities" and denying them access to safe drinking water and sanitation. We speak with a man who's taken it upon himself to haul human waste away from a tent city in plastic bags, so residents — especially women — can relieve themselves with a modicum of dignity. We also hear from a homeless advocate and from one of the organizers of the UN inspection.

Steve Watters, Safe Ground Sacramento
Tim Buckley, homeless man
Eric Tars, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

Main Topic What's the Real Truth about the War in Afghanistan? 25 MIN, 52 SEC

What's the Real Truth about the War in Afghanistan?On Sunday, the New York Times interviewed Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who also published an article in the well-regarded Armed Forces Journal. After long experience with military spin doctors and a year in Afghanistan, Davis, who has been praised by superiors for his "devotion to mission accomplishment," reports that the Pentagon is not telling the truth about it calls "progress in Afghanistan." We hear from him and others.

Scott Shane, New York Times (@ScottShaneNYT)
Daniel Davis, US Army
John Garamendi, US Congress (@RepGaramendi)
Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution (@MichaelEOHanlon)

Toughing It Out in Afghanistan

Michael E. O'Hanlon

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